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Between Necessity and Probability: Searching for the by Radu Popa

By Radu Popa

This research investigates the main theories of the origins of lifestyles in gentle of contemporary learn with the purpose of distinguishing among the required and the not obligatory and among deterministic and random affects within the emergence of what we name ?life.? existence is taken care of as a cosmic phenomenon whose emergence and driver might be considered independently from its Earth-bound usual background. the writer synthesizes the entire basic life-related advancements in a finished state of affairs, and makes the argument that realizing lifestyles in its broadest context calls for a material-independent point of view that identifies its crucial fingerprints.

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How large the energy reserves are). , forest fires, burning piles of paper, positive feedback mechanisms), ‘behaving’ as though indifferent to the duration of their existence. , a very long thin strip of paper), the half-life of the burning process increases. The dissipation kinetics in this case is limited by the available resource and by the time required to reinitialize the process. The same type of built-in regulation occurs in a fuse or a candle flame. , the burning) is initiated, these systems are prevented from shutting down or from increasing their kinetics too fast or too much.

Only fragmentary information exists in the literature on the early evolution of energy control. Living things use both built-in mechanisms and specialized mechanisms to regulate their energy flux (see Fig. 5), and they seldom couple their internal activities with the external energy flow. The regulation of energy flux in life forms is influenced by external mechanisms 32 2 The Early History of Bioenergy Fig. 11. In systems made of catalysts entrapped within a boundary, the catalytic activity can be regulated by the diffusion barrier but never fully controlled by them.

Early life forms exclusively using such catalysts could not have reached satisfactory efficiency while competing with external processes. One must assume that during the early stages of life (the beginning of sequences 1 and 2 in Fig. 2), catalysis was used solely as a means to speed up sluggish external reactions and to provide direction to internal processes, whilst it would have done little to outcompete the environment. As soon as competition emerged (either with external processes or with other energy-dissipative entities), an increased catalytic performance was required for which simple catalysts (inorganics or simple organics) were no longer appropriate.

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