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Betrayal (Bestseller Romance) by Charlotte Lamb

By Charlotte Lamb

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She paused, then said: 'Hey, are you with me? ' Cathy pulled herself together. ' 'Well, you said it,' Jennie murmured drily. 'Far be it from me to contradict you, but what's unusual about that? ' Cathy shrugged. 'Oh, Stephen, I suppose,' she said with enough truth to make it sound frank. 'If this is what getting married does to you I'm glad I'm staying single,' Jennie teased. ' 'You don't want to marry Mike,' Cathy said without stopping to think, and got a dry look. 'Don't I? Thanks for telling me.

He came closer, his body in full contact with hers a second later, his arm sliding around her waist, and his smiling eyes watched the curve of her mouth part on a soft intake of breath as she tensed. ' He was smiling, but the words were husky and Cathy's eyes widened in shock. She couldn't speak, she stood there helplessly watching his mouth come closer, the warm male line of it almost hypnotising her. She seemed to have been waiting for eternity to feel it touch her own. When it did she was dizzy with pleasure, her arms went round his neck, her hands clenched in the thick black hair, her mind clouding with a desire which made her bones melt.

On the surface they had talked and smiled, but the way he looked at her, moved against her as they danced, had keyed her up to an intolerable degree, and in the end she had fled. This was worse, though; this was far more dangerous—out here they were alone under the dark night sky with only the stars to watch them. ‘I only slipped out for a minute, there was so much noise. ' It was the first conference Cathy had ever been to and she hoped it would be the last. If Hugh Brown had not been reckless enough to try to overtake a lorry on a difficult bend the night before he was due to fly out here, she would never have come at all.

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