Berlin: The Spatial Structure of a Divided City by Dorothy Elkins, T. H. Elkins, B. Hofmeister

By Dorothy Elkins, T. H. Elkins, B. Hofmeister

This anniversary learn provides a readable, informative account of the advance and present constitution of Berlin

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French reparations sparked off a hectic economic boom, the so-called Gründerzeit, the time of promoters. Germany changed from a country where, in about 1830, 80 per cent of the population earned a living from the land to one where, in 1895, the figure was 16 BERLIN barely 20 per cent. Total German industrial production overtook that of France in the 1870s, caught up with British output by the end of the century and clearly surpassed it by 1910, to become second only to the United States (Mann 1974: 332–5).

It became clear that positive results were not to be expected from the Allied Kommandatura, nominally providing a unified Berlin administration, the SMA preferring to work through the Magistrat, the members of which they had nominated. The SMA could also bypass the Kommandatura by claiming that Berlin, being an integral part of the Soviet zone, was subject to decrees relating to that zone. Another ploy was the claim that the Soviet zone was the unique inheritor of the property of the former state of Prussia.

When in the nineteenth century the built-up area of the city began to expand over these narrow political limits, it was inevitable that the question of the appropriate boundary of the city against the surrounding rural Kreise (administrative districts) of Brandenburg Province would become a subject of debate. There was no unanimity over the best course to pursue. In the first half of the century, the authorities of the neighbouring Kreise Teltow and Niederbarnim accused Berlin with some justification of wanting to take over prosperous districts to the west and south-west, such as Charlottenburg, but not industrial quarters, such as Wedding.

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