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Behold the Man (Sf Masterworks 22) by Michael Moorcock

By Michael Moorcock

Meet Karl Glogauer, time vacationer and not likely Messiah. whilst he unearths himself in Palestine within the yr 29AD he's stunned to satisfy the guy referred to as Jesus Christ -- a drooling fool, hiding within the shadows of the carpenter's store in Nazareth. but when he's not in a position to satisfying his ancient function, then who will take his position?

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His voice was harsh and cracked. A few ravens circled the sky above him now. He heard them calling back at him in a voice not unlike his own. God died in 1945. . D. " How you can bother to wonder about an obvious syncretistic religion like Christianity Rabbinic Judaism, Stoic ethics, Greek mystery cults. Oriental ritual. .. " Not to you in your present state of mind. " That's what it boils down to, doesn't it? Okay, Karl, carve your own crutches, lust think what you could have been if you'd have come to terms with yourself.

They came out of the cinema at the same time. He hardly noticed them as they followed him down the hill. Then, quite suddenly, they had surrounded him. Pale, mean-faced boys, most of them a year or two older than he was. He realized that he knew two of them vaguely. They were at the big council school in the same street as the grammar school. They used the same football ground. "Hello," he said weakly. "Hello, son," said the oldest Teddy Boy. He was chewing gum, standing with one knee bent, grinning at him.

They lived constantly in the presence of God and spoke to God and were answered by God when they had sufficiently mortified their flesh and starved themselves and chanted their prayers beneath the blazing sun of Judaea. Karl Glogauer grew his hair long and let his beard come unchecked. He mortified his flesh and starved himself and chanted his prayers beneath the sun, as they did. But he rarely heard God and only once thought he saw an archangel with wings of fire. In spite of his willingness to experience the Essenes' hallucinations, Glogauer was disappointed, but he was surprised that he felt so well considering all the self-inflicted hardships he had to undergo, and he also felt relaxed in the company of these men and women who were undoubtedly insane.

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