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International Relations

Becoming Rivals: The Process of Interstate Rivalry by Brandon Valeriano

By Brandon Valeriano

Rivalries are a primary point of all overseas interactions. the concept that of competition means that old animosity could be the so much primary variable in explaining and figuring out why states devote foreign violence opposed to one another. by way of knowing the old elements at the back of the emergence of competition, the ideas hired via states to accommodate strength threats, and the problems endemic to enemies, this booklet seeks to appreciate and expect why states develop into opponents.

The fresh bring up within the quantitative examine of competition has principally pointed out who the opponents are, yet now not how they shape and amplify. questions about the escalation of contention are very important if we're to appreciate the character of conflictual interactions. This publication addresses a major study hole within the box by means of without delay tackling the query of competition formation. as well as making new contributions to the literature, this e-book will summarize a cohesive version of ways all interstate rivalries shape by utilizing either quantitative and qualitative tools and sources.

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Rivalry is a situation of protracted conflict whereby relative positions matter and there is a constant threat of conflict. The existence of a rivalry produces an existential threat to a state. Rivalry is a leading cause of war; therefore, it is a process that must be stopped and terminated before it leads to the escalation of violence and further international ruin. This chapter will outline my theory of rivalry development, which is called the steps-to-rivalry theory. Power politics reactions to threatening situations will produce the outcome of rivalry.

Next, there must be a coordinated response by each side to escalate the conflict based on the issue situation that has developed. Once these steps are taken, rivalry will typically result if neither state disengages or stops escalating tensions as various disputes occur. 1 It is the reaction to threatening situations and pressing issues that matters most for the process of rivalry and for the theory presented here. What happens after the first moves towards escalation are taken by the initiating side?

8 France and Germany (Prussia) (1830–1887). 9 France and Germany (1911–1944). 10 China and Japan (1873–1958). 11 United Kingdom and Russia (1876–1923). 5 Rivalry and Valeriano et al. 7 Valeriano et al. 9 Predicted Probabilities for Valeriano et al. 1 Military Expenditures in Iraq and the United States, 1985–2003 Series Foreword We seldom refer to linkage politics anymore. Many, if not most of the studies that we think of as part of a Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) research program could use the term and refer back to those early studies from the 1960s but rarely do.

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