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Autumn: Echoes by David Moody

By David Moody

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What had happened to the two men who shared this cell? Why had the rest of the prison also fallen silent? Why did he seem to be the only one left alive? A few minutes later and Flynn’s logical thinking helped him to arrive at the cruellest realisation of all. He dropped to the ground and began to sob uncontrollably. He was trapped. Much as he was used to being locked in this small, dark, depressing space for endless hours on end, he realised now that, for the first time, there really was no way out.

An expensive executive’s car was heading straight for her. For a few short seconds (which felt like painfully long minutes) Sonya watched the driver of the car thrashing about wildly. He was clawing at his neck with one hand, scratching and scraping at it desperately as he struggled unsuccessfully to hold onto the steering wheel with the other. His face was red and his eyes wide with pain. He was choking. Distracted as the car was rocked again by a collision from the left, she turned and looked out through her passenger window.

I’ve been close before but I know I’ve really done it this time. I’ve made a huge mistake. What happened at home this morning has been brewing for weeks, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped and that I don’t have any control. I’m trying to do my best for everyone but no-one can see it, and at the same time everyone blames me whenever anything goes wrong. I’m starting to think that whichever way I turn and whatever I do I’ll end up pissing someone off and paying one hell of a price.

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