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Astrolinguistics: Design of a Linguistic System for by Alexander Ollongren

By Alexander Ollongren

In linguistics, one of many major components of recent study includes the functions and chances of there being a "lingua cosmica," a LINCOS, a common language which may be used to speak with non-human intelligences. This publication touches at the zone of the improvement and use of a "lingua universalis" for interstellar communique, however it additionally provides innovations that conceal a vast quarter of linguistics. Chomsky's paradigm on common homes of usual languages, for a very long time a number one common concept of usual languages, contains the powerful assumption that people are born with a few type of universals saved of their brains. Are there universals of this sort of language utilized by clever beings and societies in other places within the universe? we don't be aware of no matter if such languages exist. it kind of feels to be very unlikely to figure out, just because the universe is simply too huge for an exhaustive seek. Even verification may be challenging to acquire, with out rather a lot of good fortune. This booklet makes use of astrolinguistic rules in message development and is beneficial in clarifying and giving point of view to discussions on existential questions equivalent to these.

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We have remarked in a note in a previous chapter how the commutativity of conjunction (/\) can be shown. 1 : (A /\ B) → (B /\ A). 1 = [H : A /\ B](ELIM H [h1 : A; h2 : B](Conj B A h2 h1) ) where from the inductive definition of /\ Conj : (X, Y :Prop) X → Y → (X /\ Y). In above formulation ELIM is given the local variable H (lambda bound) as an extra argument. This is not imperative in this case as there is only one inductive function “and” to be eliminated. When more than one is to be eliminated, it is necessary to use the names of the local variables in the lambda abstractions to distinguish them from each other in the ELIM parts.

5 : (A → B) → B. be verified? 5 of type (A → B) → B. Following the basic verification procedure in constructive logic we construct an abstraction of the correct type. 5 = [H : A → B](H a). Here H of type A → B is abstracted, while (H a) is of course the application of H to a. 5 represented by this expression, observe (H a) : B. 5 = [H : A → B](H a) : (A → B) → B. QED. We continue from here with brief discussions on the concepts of existence and equality in LINCOS, in fact the existence and equality functions.

A more elementary description of a Russian doll is in Chap. 11. Bounded Matrjoshka В кукле кукла Кукла в кукле As a characteristic example of an inductive structure the case of Russian dolls (куклы), dolls within dolls, is chosen. These objects are rather simple in because they have a linear one-dimensional recursive structure. Rather loosely stated one might say that a matrjoshka contains in itself a matrjoshka (матрёшка заключает в себе матрёшку)—or that a matrjoshka is contained in a matrjoshka.

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