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Association for Jewish studies 2003-27(2) by Association for Jewish studies

By Association for Jewish studies

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He drew a verbalanalogy [gamar] ... from [the case of] a heifer whose neck is broken26[ceglah 'arufah,Deut. 21:1-9]: just as a heifer whose neck is broken is prohibitedthrough designation,27so too [a shroud]... 3. He drew a verbal analogy ... from idolatry:just as idolatry ['avodahzarah] is not prohibitedthroughdesignation, so too here [the shroud]... 4. He would say to you: We infer appurtenancesfrom appurtenances,which excludes ceglahcarufah,which is intrinsicallysacred... 5. An objection was raised:28"If a head covering was ritually impure 24.

23. Assuming, of course, that the Tosefta reflects a single, consistent viewpoint and was not generated throughtheconflationof conflictingliterarysources. 232 "Designationis Significant" III We now turnto the BT sugya, beginningwith a translationof this passage24 (considerablyabbreviatedbecause of its length)and followed by commentson significant aspects of this sugya. ) The next section attemptsto solve the difficulties noted below, and a summaryand broaderconclusions appearin the final section of this paper.

Be-hazmanah. 51. To the best of my knowledge, no commentatorexplicitly maintainsthat our sugya alludes to this source. Note, however,the interestingobservationsof R. v. ve-nir'eh(3b). See also the interestingsuggestion of R. , Benei Braq, 1961), 48c, note gimmel. 3 [ed. Zuckermandel,p. 468]) preserves a conflicting tradition: If a Jewmadean idol,it is forbiddeneventhoughit wasnotworshipped ... If a non-Jewmadean idol,it is permitted untilit wasworshipped. 53Indeed,all of the tannaiticsources seem to agree thatundercertaincircumstances, manufactureof an object for idolatrous use renders it prohibited.

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