Association for Jewish studies 1999- 24(1) by Nelson, M

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Anselmi, archiepischopiCantuariensis,lib. I, c. v, s. xlii, ed. R. W. Southern(London,1962). 40 SHMUELSHEPKARU Anselm approvedthe popularmartyrologicalcanonizationof Elphegeand "countedhim among the martyrs,since he is trulyrecordedto have borne deathwillingly for so high andrighteousa cause.... 126 Like the Hebrewsources,Eadmer'sandGuibert'sreportsrevealthe same populartrendof transformingvictims of violence into celebratedmartyrs. An eleventh-centuryversionof St. 127Thebiographerrecounts Boniface's final speech and encounterwith the pagans on the banks of the Boorne River in 754.

Tryingto recruit 109. , 4:12-16. 110. Chazan,EuropeanJewry,p. 151. 111. A. Grossman,TheEarlySagesofFrance(Jerusalem, 1995),p. 498. 112. On the dynamicsbetweenJews and Christiansduringthe FirstCrusade,see again Chazan'sEuropeanJewry,especiallyp. 323 n. 109; also Cohen,"Persecutions of 1096,"pp. 175, 199-200. 113. , 4:137-140; Fulcherof Chartres,HistoriaHierosolymitana,ed. H. Hagenmeyer(Heidelberg, 1913), pp. , 4:12-16. See also the anonymousGesta Francorumet aliorumHierosolymytanorum, ed. R. M. Hill (London,1962),pp.

R. Joseph the son of R. "Martyrdom was of the one exclusiveness of these rabbis. Those aspect only martyred martyred by the Romansreceived their rewardon the basis of how they lived their lives, andnot on the basis of how they endedthem. R. He witnessed"aworldupsidedown,the upper below and the lower above";an atypicallyskimpyreport,but a heartening promise to sufferersin general. In that place the poor will gain the upperhand. This promise,however,did not hangon self-sacrifice. In contrastto the rabbinic martyrs,the storyof the fourhundredyouthsdescribesa self-inflicteddeath.

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