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A) Material used in the construction of supports shall be certified. Certified Material Test Reports in accordance with NCA-3862 shall be provided for material used for primary members for Class 1 Plate and Shell Type Supports, and Class 1 Linear Type Supports. Material for other Classes of supports and all Classes of Standard Supports shall be provided with Certified Material Test Reports when impact testing is required (NF-2311). Copies of these certificates shall be provided with the support.

D) The Owner shall be responsible for assuring the adequacy of the building structure and all intervening elements in the support load path in accordance with the requirements of NCA-3240 and NCA-3250. To the extent necessary, the support designer shall consider the structural interaction with intervening elements and the building structure. (e) Except for the requirements listed in NF-1110(e)(1) through (e)(10), the requirements of Subsection NF do not apply to bearings, bushings, gaskets, hydraulic fluids, seals, shims, slide plates, retaining rings, wear shoes, springs, washers, wire rope, compression spring end plates, thread locking devices, cotter pins, sight glass assemblies, spring hanger travel and hydro stops, nameplates, nameplate attachment devices, or for compression dynamic stops used as stops2 for seismic and other dynamic loads that are designed primarily for compressive loading and are not connected to the support or pressure boundary.

The Certificate Holder shall specify the surfaces of the finished product subjected to high tensile stresses in service. NF-2227 Rolled Shapes For rolled shapes, the coupons shall be taken so that specimens shall have their longitudinal axes on a line representing the center of the thickest element of the shape and with the midlength of the specimen at least t from a heat treated end. NF-2300 FRACTURE TOUGHNESS REQUIREMENTS FOR MATERIAL NF-2310 NF-2311 MATERIAL TO BE IMPACT TESTED Supports for Which Impact Testing of Material Is Required2 (a) Support materials shall be impact tested in accordance with the requirements listed below.

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