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ASME BPVC 2010 - Section II, Part C: Specifications for by ASME

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Org. (b) Response. The Secretary of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee or of the appropriate Subcommittee shall acknowledge receipt of each properly prepared inquiry and shall provide a written response to the inquirer upon completion of the requested action by the Code Committee. /9991061001 Not for Resale, 07/20/2010 10:09:14 MDT PREFACE --``,````,,,,````,`,`,```,`,``,,-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- On January 3, 1919, ASME participated with several other organizations in a meeting to discuss the continuation of wartime research in welding.

Other II. Certification and Testing A. Lot Classification C1 C1 C3 C2 B. Level of Testing Schedule F Schedule I Schedule J Schedule K III. Other Requirements (Example No. 4 only) The lots of electrodes that are shipped must meet all classification test requirements of the specification. The strength and toughness of the weld metal must meet specification requirements after a postweld heat treatment at 1200 ± 25°F for 12 hours. The heating and cooling rates above 600°F shall not exceed 200°F/hour.

Supplemental Designators, if required E. Diameter F. Unit Package Type and Weight 1. Spool 2. Coil with Support 3. Coil without Support 4. Rim (reel) 5. Drum 6. 1 requires for the classification of E7018 electrodes. 3. Example 4: The requirements here are the same as in Example 3, except that the electrode length is 18 in. and the supplemental designator is H4R. 2 and the level of testing is that which the purchaser has specified in Item III, Other Requirements. Those tests, in this case, would be the tests required for classification of the electrode, except that the mechanical property tests (strength and toughness) would be conducted on weld metal obtained from the test assembly after the assembly had been given a postweld heat treatment at 1200 ± 25°F (650 ± 15°C) for 12 hours with the heating and cooling rates specified in Item III, Other Requirements.

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