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Armor of the Vietnam War (2): Allied Forces by Albert Grandolini

By Albert Grandolini

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1365) are assigned to the poet al-Husayn b. al-Dahhak, who was present. The transition from al-Wathiq to al-Mutawakkil is told (p. 1368) by more than one authority, although Sa`id the Younger reports (p. 1370) on Mutawakkil's relations with al-Wathiq and events which preceded his being elevated to the caliphate. When al-Wathiq placed his brother al-Mutawakkil in custody, Sa`id was taken along with him. The portrayal of the murder of al-Mutawakkil (p. 1452) is an outstanding narrative. On the fateful day, Ibn al-Hafsi, the Singer, attended an audience with the caliph, and so was in a position to report (p.

Genealogy of the Khaqanids Page xxviii Table 3. Genealogy of the Tahirids Page xxix Map 1.  Le Strange, The Lands of the Eastern Caliphate Page xxxPage xxxi Map 2.  Herzfeld, Geschichte der Stadt Samarra. Page 1 THE CALIPHATE OF HARUN AL-WATHIQ ABU JA`FAR Page 3 The Events Of The Year 227 (Cont'd) (October 21, 841-October 9, 842) On the day that al-Mu`tasim died, his son Harun al-Wathiq b.  The day of the week given by Tabari does not always correspond to the date mentioned.  Quite a few `Abbasid caliphs were the offspring of slave mothers; See Tha`alibi, Lata'if, 102.

Abdallah b. Tahir, pertaining to the abdication, is also presented. It is a pity that al-Mutawakkil's letters to the provinces prohibiting debate concerning the Qur'an and the like have not been preserved (p. 1412). Tabari evidently had access to police records and information of the Bureau of Post and Intelligence (barid). For instance, the notice on the death of al-Hasan b. Sahl (p. 1406) is derived from a report of al-Qasim b. Ahmad al-Kufi. Al-Qasim was in the service of al-Fath. b. Khaqan, who was in charge of Intelligence in Samarra Page xix and the Haruni Palace.

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