Armor of the Vietnam War (2): Allied Forces by Albert Grandolini

By Albert Grandolini

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Nasr 27 The Reason for the Prisoner Exchange and How It Took Place 38 The Events of the Year 232 (846/847) 45 The Reason for Bugha the Elder's March against the Banu Numayr and What Took Place between Them 45 An Account of the Illness from Which al-Wathiq Died 51 A Portrayal of al-Wathiq, His Years, and the Extent of His Caliphate 52 Some Reports about al-Wathiq 53 The Caliphate of Ja`far al-Mutawakkil `ala-llah The Events of the Year 232 (846/847) (cont'd) 61 The Occasion of Ja'far's Becoming Caliph and the Period of His Caliphate 61 The Events of the Year 233 (847/848) 65 The Reason for al-Mutawakkil's Anger at Muhammad b.

An alternate description by Zurqan, deputy of the chamberlain Zurafah, has it that `Ath`ath fled headlong. Zurqan does not depict al-Muntasir as having been surprised (p. 1462). According to another report, a Turkish woman delivered a note regarding what the group planned to al-Fath b. Khaqan. Thus, he and the wazir `Ubaydallah knew of the plot but were overconfident and did not prepare a defense. Abu `Uthman b. Sa`id the Younger (p. 1471) places full responsibility for the murder plot on al-Muntasir, but says that it was a defensive act.

Ninth Century) Page xxvii Table 2. Genealogy of the Khaqanids Page xxviii Table 3. Genealogy of the Tahirids Page xxix Map 1.  Le Strange, The Lands of the Eastern Caliphate Page xxxPage xxxi Map 2.  Herzfeld, Geschichte der Stadt Samarra. Page 1 THE CALIPHATE OF HARUN AL-WATHIQ ABU JA`FAR Page 3 The Events Of The Year 227 (Cont'd) (October 21, 841-October 9, 842) On the day that al-Mu`tasim died, his son Harun al-Wathiq b.  The day of the week given by Tabari does not always correspond to the date mentioned.

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