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Applied Linguistics, Volume 31, Number 3, 2010 by Oxford University

By Oxford University

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Flier, M. S. 2000. ‘Surzhyk: The rules of engagement’ in Z. ): Cultures and Nations of Central and Eastern Europe: Essays in Honor of Roman Szporluk. Harvard University Press. Garrett, P. B. and P. Baquedano-Lo´pez. 2002. ‘Language socialization: reproduction and continuity, transformation and change,’ Annual Review of Anthropology 31: 339–61. Howard, K. 2004. ‘Socializing respect at school in Northern Thailand,’ Working Papers in Educational Linguistics 20/1: 1–30. Irvine, J. and S. Gal. 2000.

In any case, his usual role as correction-initiator is pre-empted, as seen below. 360 DEBRA A. FRIEDMAN APPROPRIATING IDEOLOGIES OF CORRECTNESS The implicit messages regarding the inappropriateness of language mixing conveyed in these corrective feedback routines occasionally surfaced in the form of explicit metalinguistic commentary. For example, during an exercise in which children were generating synonyms for xurtovyna ‘snowstorm,’ a child suggested v’juha, which appears to be the Russian v’juga ‘blizzard’ with [g] (voiced velar stop) altered to [h] (voiced pharyngeal fricative) in accordance with Standard Ukrainian phonological norms.

Dar’ja Cja rosi- uh cja rosijs’ka. Suvoryj. That’s Rus- uh that’s Russian. Cruel. 10 VV ((Turns away from Dar’ja, walks to his right)) 11 VV Suvoryj. Ditky vam ne zdajet’sja sˇcˇo tut na zˇal’ Cruel. org by guest on December 31, 2010 5 ((Points to Marko)) Bud’ laska Mar [ko. Please Mar[ko. [Grubyj. [Rough. Jakyj? What? Grubyj. Rough. Hru [byj. Rou[gh. [((Turns away from Marko)) 362 DEBRA A. FRIEDMAN 12 VV 13 ! ) jakyj nam tak potriben? ) that we need? ) do recˇi, ce ukrajins’ke slovo takozˇ. ) by the way, is a Ukrainian word also.

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