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Apollo 12 - on the Ocean of Storms by David M. Harland

By David M. Harland

With its moonwalks, deployment of a geophysical station and geological sampling, Apollo 12 did what many had was hoping will be completed via the 1st males to land at the Moon. It spectacularly confirmed the precision touchdown potential required for the luck of destiny lunar floor explorations.

Apollo 12 - at the Ocean of Storms

  • contains over 30 web page of colour pictures, together with high-resolution scans lately produced by way of NASA from the unique Hasselblad movie;
  • covers the undertaking from its making plans via to of completion;
  • includes conversations one of the group within the spacecraft that weren't transmitted;
  • in the definitive 'popular' account of this undertaking.

This is the 1st time in forty years that the tale of the Apollo 12 challenge to the Moon has bene informed in its entirety, utilizing legit records, flight transcripts, and post-mission debriefing to recreate the drama.

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The thrust structure was an inverted cone which narrowed to a diameter of 18 feet for the five J-2 hydrogen-burning engines. As with the S-IC, the inboard engine was fixed on the axis and the outboard engines were hydraulically gimballed for thrust vector control to steer the vehicle. Because the propellant tanks of the S-II had a common bulkhead there were domical caps only at the bottom of the oxidiser tank and top of the fuel tank. The integrated tanks were 78 feet tall. If a conventional arrangement had been employed, the additional end caps would have made the stage some 10 feet longer and 8,000 pounds heavier, taking it beyond its specifications.

5 metre. \ \ \°\ \W\\ d //////// / ///// rr\ / HORIZON > ■! r CORRELATED CONTROL POINT INFERRED SURVEYOR m -r T sumavm m HORIZON ^1 o s a r> a HT I '■ . V ( v . LWHBHUUNI Having been selected as a backup target for the first Apollo landing as a bland patch of the Ocean of Storms, ALS-5 had little to offer Apollo 12. ;' * * ■ 5° s P P a. P S OKI s 5. s p jft , ' ■ Activities were planned for four landing sites near the Snowman. In each case the ALSEP would be deployed at the position marked by an A in a circle.

The space vehicle for the Apollo 12 mission would use the AS-507 launch vehicle and a spacecraft comprising CSM-108 and LM-6. The first stage of the Saturn V, the S-IC, was produced by Boeing at the Michoud Assembly Facility on the Louisiana coast in a plant with 2 million square feet of manufacturing floor space. The Vertical Assembly Building, purpose-built separate from the Manufacturing Building, was a single-storey shell about 180 feet tall in which an overhead crane with a capacity of 180 tons stacked the thrust structure, the fuel tank, the intertank, the liquid oxygen tank and the forward skirt in an upright configuration.

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