Anyone by Klug, Nate

By Klug, Nate

Milton’s God
the place I-95 meets The Pike,
a ponderous thunderhead flowered—
stewed a minute, then flipped
like a flash card, tattered
edges crinkling in, linings so dark
with over the top bright
that, status, ready, on the overpass edge,
the onlooker couldn’t decide
till the top, or perhaps then,
what was once published and what were hidden.
utilizing various varieties and attaining more than a few musical results, Nate Klug’s Anyone traces the unraveling of astonishment upon small scenes—natural and family, political and religious—across America’s East and Midwest. The book’s identify foregrounds the anonymity it seeks via a number of skill: first, via shut statement (a concrete observed, a goshawk, a bicyclist); and, moment, through translation (satires from Horace and Catullus, and excerpts from Virgil’s Aeneid). Uniquely between modern poetry volumes, Anyone demonstrates fluency within the paradoxes of a non secular life: “To stand someday / open air my religion . . . or preserve ready / to be claimed in it.” Engaged with theology and the classics yet by no means abstruse, the entire whereas the poems stay grounded within the extra special, actual international of “what it truly is to believe: /  moods, part moods, / swarming, then darting loose.”

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