Angels of Grace by Anselm Gruen

By Anselm Gruen

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This was just as one-sided a view as the modern idea that we have to have everything. The greedy person becomes unable to enjoy. My wish for you is that the Angel of Renunciation may lead you to inner freedom. I hope it will make you able really to enjoy what you experience, really get involved in what you are doing, feel with all your senses what you are eating and what you are drinking. You will find that the Angel of Renunciation is also an angel of joy and enjoyment, who will do you good. If you give up your claim to what you are entitled to, food, drink, television, and the like, you gain yourself.

So writes the poet Ulla Hahn. The Angel of Patience illustrates something of this beatitude, that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the patient. The word patience comes via French from the Latin word pattern, meaning suffering. Geduld, the German word for patience, comes from the Old High German dulten, to bear, endure; it is connected to the Latin tolerare, meaning to tolerate. In the New Testament the Greek word used for patience, hypomene, actually means "to be under" or "stay under," to endure, to hold out.

It had to come out into the truth. What that meant was that the unclean spirit had to go out of the man, it had to set him free (cf. Mark l:23ff). Jesus' truthfulness frees people from unclean spirits, which alter and falsify the truth. Jesus heals them, so that they become genuinely truthful people. I wish you the Angel of Truthfulness, so that you can be wholly as you are in the depths of your being, so that you can free the people round you to the truth. Truth also means: the object and our knowledge of it coincide, the thing corresponds to our idea of it.

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