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Angels of Grace by Anselm Gruen

By Anselm Gruen

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But just as every journey can be arduous, so can the experience of passion. It is always a balancing act. A passion can all too easily become stronger than is good for us. Then we do not live our own life with 32 Angels of Grace passion, but passion controls us. May the Angel of Passion accompany you in your balancing act, so that you can become a really passionate person, a person who engages passionately with others, and passionately fights to make it possible for us to live together on earth a life worthy of humanity.

We wait for others to make mistakes instead of risking a mistake ourselves. My wish for you is that the Angel of Risk should give you the strength and freedom to dare to make mistakes, to open up new ways for yourself and humanity. Only when you trust the Angel of Risk can you bring something new into the world, and then through you people can discover new possibilities. 13 The Angel of Confidence Nowadays, when prophets of doom constantly alarm us with their visions of an apocalyptic future, we badly need the Angel of Confidence.

This was just as one-sided a view as the modern idea that we have to have everything. The greedy person becomes unable to enjoy. My wish for you is that the Angel of Renunciation may lead you to inner freedom. I hope it will make you able really to enjoy what you experience, really get involved in what you are doing, feel with all your senses what you are eating and what you are drinking. You will find that the Angel of Renunciation is also an angel of joy and enjoyment, who will do you good. If you give up your claim to what you are entitled to, food, drink, television, and the like, you gain yourself.

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