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And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

By Maya Angelou

Those new poems are robust, exact and as consistently, jam-packed with lifting rhythms of affection and remembering.

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Th e tradi tional \ noti on of the uncon scious has no place here; incarnate exis tence is not a mail er of 'd istinct representations' su p ported and explai ne d by ' unco nsc io us repfesentatio~fhe bod y is the expressio n of exis tence , but this does not mean that the former is a mere accompani me nt to the latt er, or that either is ' the origi na l of the human bein g'. Each pr esupposes the other in that primary process whe re by meaning comes into being and an orig ina l style emerges.

If my gaze is attrac ted by a vase on my desk , for example, the way in which my eyes mov e in exam in ing it already indicates the manner in w hich my fingers can explore it; moreover, th e former solici ts the latt er. If my fingers resp ond to thi s so licitatio n, the rest of my bod y spo n taneous ly re-a rranges itself aro und th is new task - for example, my tor so moves forw ard and my right arm straigh tens out as it reaches across the desk. '''' P' , Part I: The Body aroun d to the other side of my desk , reach down and pick the vase up.

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