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Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism by M.D., By Thomas Inman

By M.D., By Thomas Inman

The call for which has sprung up for this paintings has precipitated the writer to make it extra entire than it used to be initially. however it couldn't be made excellent with no being accelerated right into a quantity whose dimension will be incompatible with cheapness. while each determine would offer a textual content for a protracted discourse, a detailed awareness is needed lest an outline might be built right into a dissertation. during this paintings, the writer is obliged to restrict himself to the reason of symbols, and can't release out into historical and sleek faiths, other than in as far as they're typified via yes traditional indicators.

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An angel is dividing the sheep from the goats, and devils are drawing men and women to perdition, by fixing hooks or pincers on the portions of the body whence their * For those who have not an opportunity of consulting the work referred to, I may observe that the Assyrian godhead consisted of four persons, three being male and one female. The pricipal god was Asher, the upright one, the equivalent of the Hindoo Mahadeva, the great holy one, and of the more modern Priapus. He was associated with Anu, lord of solids and the lower world, equivalent to the “testis,” or egg right side.

It represents the male and female elements, the pillar and the half moon. Fig. 2 represents the mystic letters said to have been placed on the portaI of the oracle of Delphi. By some it is proposed to read the two letters as signifying “he or she is;” by others the letters are taken to be symbolic of the triad and the unit. If they be, the pillar is very unusual form for the yoni. An ingeniouos friend of mine regards the upright portion as a “slit,” but I cannot wholly agree with him. for in Fig.

See Ancient Faiths, second edition, Vol. , pp. 123, and 385-392. 9 PLATE VII. Is a copy of an original drawing. made by a learned Hindoo pundit for Wm. , of London: whilst he was in India studying its mythology. , male and female. In the original the central part of the figure is occupied by the triad and the unit, but far too grossly shown for reproduction here. They are replaced by the crux ansata. The reader will notice the triad and the serpent in the male hand, whilst in the female is to be seen a germinating seed, indicative ot the relative duties of father and mother.

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