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Analog Filters in Nanometer CMOS by Heimo Uhrmann

By Heimo Uhrmann

Starting from the fundamentals of analog filters and the bad transistor features in nanometer CMOS 10 high-performance analog filters constructed via the authors in one hundred twenty nm and sixty five nm CMOS are defined largely. between them are gm-C filters, current-mode filters, and lively filters for system-on-chip awareness for Bluetooth, WCDMA, UWB, DVB-H, and LTE purposes. For the lively filters a number of operational amplifier designs are defined. The ebook, additionally, includes a overview of the latest country of analysis on low-voltage low-power analog filters. to hide the subject of the e-book comprehensively, linearization concerns and size equipment for the characterization of complicated analog filters are brought moreover. various complicated illustrations advertise a simple comprehension. This ebook could be of price to engineers and researchers in in addition to scientists and Ph.D scholars at universities. The booklet is additionally recommendable to graduate scholars specializing on nanoelectronics, microelectronics or circuit engineering.

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35 µm CMOS is presented. The OTA is realized by transistors operating in triode region. 3 V and has a DR of 52 dB. In [101] a 4th-order Chebyshev low-pass filter for a multicarrier WCDMA receiver is described. 25 µm SiGe BiCMOS process. 2 µVrms which lead to an estimated dynamic range of 94 dB. 25 µm CMOS process is described in [51]. 5 V and consumes 7 mA, the IIP3 is 32 dBm, the output noise is 130 nV/ Hz which leads to an estimated DR of 75 dB. A compact 2nd-order Gm -C biquad structure, which was introduced by [17] is shown in Fig.

9), the filter gain A can be tuned independently of the quality factor Q, and the resonance frequency ω0 and the quality factor can be tuned independently of the resonance frequency. An important aspect is now the influence of the nonideal parameters of the OTA to the filter transfer function. In general, a lot of parasitics and finite OTA bandwidth can affect the filter performance. Usually, the parasitic capacitances can be absorbed into the circuit capacitances. This absorption approach determines the real component values by subtracting the parasitic induced increments from the nominal values.

To achieve the exact filter parameters a digitally programmable concept is developed. 10 shows the circuit which switches at the output of the OTA (the transistor Mout is the n-channel output transistor of the OTA = M11 and M12 in Fig. 14) 2 further stages (it can be extended to several stages) in parallel. The stages are activated when the corresponding data signal is high. The transistors M2,j , M3,j , M4,j are used to turn off the transistors M1,j . The resistor R reduces the influence of the gate-drain capacitance of M1,x on the gate of Mout .

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