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An eyeball in my garden: and other spine-tingling poems by Laura Wynkoop

By Laura Wynkoop

"For all who bravely dare
To learn this haunted sonnet,
May you be made aware
A spell’s been forged upon it."

From spiders to mummies to the elusive Boogeyman, those pages carry a bit of every thing creepy, crawly, and simply undeniable spooky. With a pinch of terror and a touch of humor, readers may be forged right into a shadowy international, the place creatures lurk and nightmares reside. Surprises abound on each web page, ready to drag in readers...sometimes literally...

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I’m rolled about like nickels When he begins to run. I don’t remember food. I don’t remember drink. I don’t remember many things, And now I need to think, Of who I am and where I am, And how I came to be Inside this giant’s pocket, And how I might Slip Free. 58 The Gargoyle By Kevin McNamee High above the bustling street, I sit alone both day and night. My talons, horns, and outstretched wings Create a ghastly, gruesome sight. But if you look at me, you’ll see, I am not all that I appear. Come close, for I have tales to tell.

They’ll disappear into the well—those children won’t come back. 60 So if you ever chance upon that well within the vale, I pray you’ll stop and think about this cautionary tale. If fear beyond your wildest dreams is what you seek within, Then by all means, just go ahead, And throw your penny in. A Monster in My Bathroom By Christy Critchfield There’s a monster in my bathroom, Something hideous and vile. As I enter, I am frightened By its crooked, drooling smile. My heart—it stops. My breath—it quickens.

A sigh inside my closet, Behind my bed, a groan. Why must these ghosts get chatty Whenever I’m alone? Owl By Laura Wynkoop A shadow lurks among the leaves, Its amber eyes aglow. As still as stone, it guards the night Until it’s summoned into flight. With spectral wings, it rides the wind To prey on those below. 41 Our Neighborhood By Kevin McNamee Welcome to our neighborhood Where frightful things are seen, When you go trick-or-treating Down our street on Halloween. We’ve candy from the dollar store, At five bags for a buck.

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