An eyeball in my garden: and other spine-tingling poems by Laura Wynkoop

By Laura Wynkoop

"For all who bravely dare
To learn this haunted sonnet,
May you be made aware
A spell’s been forged upon it."

From spiders to mummies to the elusive Boogeyman, those pages carry slightly of every little thing creepy, crawly, and simply undeniable spooky. With a pinch of terror and a touch of humor, readers might be forged right into a shadowy international, the place creatures lurk and nightmares reside. Surprises abound on each web page, ready to drag in readers...sometimes literally...

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The red-eyed rat Who chews dead things? That fearsome viper With fangs so bold? Let’s see—oh, no! I haves no gold. No flamey dragon So scalesome cute— Guess I’ll just takes This free dead newt. 39 Ghost Fish By William Shakespeery The goldfish had died an unfortunate death, Now his ghost haunts the toilet at night. Upside-down in the water, He waits in the darkness, His scales glowing skeleton-white. “I won’t be forgotten,” he bubbles in silence, While floating in fiendish delight. And when sleepy-eyed people Come park on the potty, He leaps up and gives them a fright.

As jet-black figures fiercely growl And wind their way upstairs, She squeezes shut her weary eyes And whispers desperate prayers. When scratching fingers reach the door, She starts to gasp and shake. She feels her heart pound thump, thump, thump, And waits for day to break. At last when brilliant sun spills in And floods her room with light, She’s thankful that she’s once again Survived a Witching night. 47 The Goblin Parade By Jennifer Cole Judd When the silvery moon Glimmers out from the gloom On the blackest of black Halloweens, While the children are sleeping The shadows come creeping, To begin the most frightening of scenes.

I’ve seen much from this lonely post. Come closer; look me in the eyes, And hear what you should fear the most. Too late! I’ve cast my spell on you! Now you’re a gargoyle just like me; For those who gaze into my eyes Are doomed to keep me company. The Wishing Well By Laura Wynkoop Throughout the dark and creeping woods, there lies a hidden trail That wanders to a wishing well within a misty vale. The local townsfolk, young and old, all know the well is cursed, And those who dare to make a wish had best expect the worst.

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