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An Anthology of I Ching by W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

By W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

Alternate version paperback, wonderful (as new)

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Experiment to see what works for you. If at any time you feel your cards are overly saturated with unwanted vibes, you can cleanse th em by passing th em through incense smoke. A classic occ ult form ula is th e co mbina tion of frankincense and asafoetida. Frankincense is for purifying negative energies. It has a pleasant aroma. Asafoetida is for cleansing negative energies. It is malodorou s! Together the odor is potent . You'll have to look for th ese in a specia lty sho p, and they must be burned on a small piece of a special type of charcoa l , 52 THE 2 -HOUR TAROT TUTOR and in an incense burner.

Many women get pregnant in an 8 persona l year. If you started a business in your 4 person al year, it co uld prosper in thi s year. An 8 person al day is a good time for a workout. 9- This is th e time to finish, complete, end, wrap up, and let go of what is no lon ger needed in your life. You may lind you are outgrowing friends, a job, a marr iage, or hobb ies or interests. Ge t rid of whatever is no longer workin g in your life. It is also a spiritual time. Be a hum ani tari an and do good deeds.

Drawing is an old occult tech n ique that most likely came from the East. For certa in, th e older generat ion of psychi cs pract iced th is technique-maybe even without realizing it. That genera tion of psychics had skills that were highly impressive. Personally, I don't know if this new crop tha t is coming up even knows what drawing is. To expound, th e reader draws etheric fluid from th e querent . 74 THE 2- HOUR TAROT TUTOR Erheric fluid is explained by referring again to the astral level (somet imes called the fourth dimension ), which is a less dense level of mailer.

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