An Anthology of I Ching by W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

By W. A. Sherrill, W. K. Chu

Exchange variation paperback, fantastic (as new)

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You will have to try for yourself to see how you feel about th is issue. Wh at is the differ ence between astrology, num erology, palmistry, and the Tarot? They are all esoteric d isciplines th at can give us insight into ourselves and our relationsh ip to the uni verse. However th ey are different beca use the y work in different ways, and utilize different data. Astrol ogy uses th e birth date, birt h place, and exact time of birt h. Numerology uses the full name at birth and the birt h date.

O r, you may attra ct someo ne who is already marri ed, seeing someone else, or unable to make a commitment beca use of a restr icti on or responsibility such as pecially romances. In a 5 persona l year you may lind yourself in a wild and tumultuous romance with an emphasis on the sensual side. If it lasts into the following year, a 6 personal year, it caring for ano the r. S-This is a material time. Initiate all th e things you th ought about last year, and actua lize all th e plans you made. Mon ey, business, finan ce, and power cha racte rize thi s time.

Remember the Tarot is an intuitive medium and it is using th e intuition th at gives good results. Although I overlook a mistake in th e cutt ing of th e deck, I might add there are two things I do insist on. O ne is th at the cards are cut int o three piles. Nor two, not four, but three piles exac tly. And afte r the deck has been cut, I insist th at th e querent does not touch th em for any reason . I am the one who picks them up. I realize th ere is no magic involved here eithe r, but it's my person al style!

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