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Amines and Schizophrenia by Harold E. Himwich

By Harold E. Himwich

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1 3,4-DIMETHOXYPHENYLETHYLAMINE T A B L E 1. 45 R E S U L T S OF EXAMINATION OF U R I N E EXTRACTS FOR "PINK Experiment I Apparently healthy volunteers Mentally normal hospital in-patients Total IN S C H I Z O P H R E N I A ? SPOT" Absent Impossible to assess Total 1 249 — 250 — 120 — 120 1 369 — 370 Present to operation and twenty shortly following operation. Ten cases of liver disease were studied and also twenty patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions. In addition to these, twenty patients were examined who were suffering from chronic neurological disorders.

W A G N E R , A . F . , CIRILLO, V . , MEISINGER, M . A . P . a n d B R I N K , N . G . (1964) unpublished results. S T U D I E S OF A M I N E S IN N O R M A L A N D SCHIZOPHRENIC SUBJECTS THOMAS L. PERRY, and SHIRLEY HANSEN, CONRAD J. LYNNE 1 MACDOUGALL SCHWARZ Department of Pharmacology, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada W E HAVE for several years been investigating the urinary excretion of biogenic amines by normal and psychotic children and adults in an effort to detect metabolic abnormalities which might be causally related to various psychoses.

Urine is easy to obtain and to work with, and amines are relatively highly concentrated in it. But it is a long way from the brain to the bladder. It is entirely conceivable that an excess or a deficiency of a physiologically active amine might occur in the central nervous system, might lead to gross derangement of mental function and yet might result in no detectable alteration in the concentration of urinary metabolites. We believe that more direct approaches must be made to the brain in the careful search for biochemical causes of mental disease.

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