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Alpha Force: Desert Pursuit by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength wasteland Pursuit

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Khalid had said it was all quiet, but that was no reason to carelessly skyline themselves. Once they were in position, they both lowered the night-vision goggles over their eyes. They lay there in silence for a few minutes, taking in the scene below, then Alex tapped Paulo on the shoulder and they wriggled down the slope until it was safe to stand again. Their faces were grim as they flipped up the goggles and shared a look before turning to begin the trek back down. ’ asked Li, when Alex and Paulo arrived back at the base of the dune.

Alex got to his feet. ‘We’re all tired. We need sleep. In a few hours’ time we’ll do what we have to do and get out of here before the first patrol shows up. Job done. ’ The rest of Alpha Force nodded agreement. Get the job done and get out. Simple. What could possibly go wrong? FOUR Hex slung the camcorder over his shoulder by its strap and squinted up at the top of the dune, shading his eyes against the glare. Alpha Force had delayed climbing the dune for as long as they dared, to get the best light for filming, but it was after nine o’clock now and the sun was high in the sky.

Within fifteen minutes the quads and trailers were hidden under the awnings and there was enough space around the machines for six people to stretch out in the shade. Once the trailers were unloaded and the awnings in place, the team split up. Paulo overhauled the quads, checking oil and water and topping up the fuel. The machines had to be primed and ready in case a quick escape was needed. Alex and Li set up the stove and started preparing a meal. It was against all Alex’s instincts to use the stove.

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