Alpha Force: Desert Pursuit by Chris Ryan

By Chris Ryan

Alpha strength wilderness Pursuit

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As he did so, the sound of a jeep engine carried on the wind. The patrol was nearly upon them. Up on the top of the dune, Alex, Amber and Khalid ducked low as the jeep came into view on the road. ‘Khalid, run. ’ ordered Amber. Khalid shook his head. ’ insisted Amber. ‘If the troops find us five, it’s no big deal. We’re just a bunch of stupid tourist kids who lost our way. ’ ‘I stay,’ said Khalid. ‘I am guide. ’ Amber glared at Khalid. He stared back calmly, his dark eyes stubborn and determined in his ruin of a face, and all the while the noise of the jeep engine grew louder.

He was acting as a guide for the mission and was riding behind Paulo on the lead quad. As soon as the dunes came into sight on the eastern horizon, he had tapped Paulo on the shoulder and indicated that they should head towards them. Paulo nodded to show that he understood and glanced over at the right-flanking quad to make sure Li had seen the signal too. Li gave a thumbs-up sign, then peeled away in a turn so tight, it made her quad bike tip up on to the two right-side wheels. Smoothly, Li rose to her feet and leaned out to the left to provide counterbalance.

We were all stranded on an Indonesian island and, well—’ ‘—we saved his life,’ finished Amber proudly. ‘You save Dr Philippe? Then my life is yours,’ vowed Khalid, looking at Alpha Force with a new respect. Nobody quite knew what to say to that. Paulo looked at the young boy’s serious face and rubbed his nose in embarrassment. ‘Let us eat,’ he said, taking one of the mess cans of food. ‘Don’t ask me what it is,’ warned Alex, handing out the other mess cans. ‘It’s brown and it’s hot. ’ By the time they had all finished eating, the sky was growing lighter by the second.

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