Almost Invisible by Mark Strand

By Mark Strand

From Pulitzer Prize--winner Mark Strand comes an exquisitely witty and poignant sequence of prose poems. occasionally showing as natural prose, occasionally as impure poetry, yet continuously with Strand's readability and straightforwardness of fashion, they're like riddles, their solutions vanishing simply as they seem within sight. myth, family satire, meditation, funny story, and myth all come jointly in what's arguably the liveliest, such a lot unique ebook that Strand has but written.

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3 nomen cognate ace. /F. parent. 4 corde ••• suo abl. of manner [§G45) with [all] her heart; dilexit (diligo -ere) B I loved. s£ Natos duos two sons; creo -are give birth to; horunc archaic form of horum; alterum ... alium ... the one .. the other ... (the variation is because of the meter); linquit (linquo -ere leave) and locat (loco -are put) either are historic presents [§G 6o l or represent the state of affairs at Claudia's death. Supply erat-both phrases are ablatives of description [§G 44); sermo sermonis M.

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