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Alluvial cities by Christopher M. Hannan

By Christopher M. Hannan

The poems in Alluvial towns are drawn from this layered landscape's geology and heritage, its humans and language, and the kindred ties among earth and water, flesh and blood.

The waters broke from the void prior to first light,
a divinity ripping during the trembling flesh
of marshes and the levees’ previous clay thighs,
overlaying each mile of St. Bernard Parish.
homes with their cement slabs have floated
gentle because the rinds of watermelons you ate as a boy
and chucked into Lake Catherine, swelled to overflowing
via the god that surged into the Rigolets estuary
and left an afterbirth of candy crude leaked
from foundered tanks.  autos grasp like carrion
birds at the maximum branches and torn roofs.  Leached
of dust and flood waters, the homes we cross cry out
damaged window panes, duct-taped refrigerators, and a stillness
that leaves us at the lifeless grass of this
woman’s domestic, like such a lot of thrown bones.

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