Alive or Dead (Unicorn German Series) by Heinz Piontek

By Heinz Piontek

Dual-language edition
translation and advent by way of Richard Exner

Heinz Piontek used to be a winner of the Georg Buchner Prize in 1976, an award given to German language writers of awesome expertise. I hugely suggest taking a look into the gathering of prize winners on bibliotik. The authors and their writings current nice publicity to German language literature to a global audience.

from Exner's Introduction:
The assortment Alive or useless , from which the contents
of this e-book have been selected, is Piontek’s 6th quantity
of poetry. His past poetry turns out to lie some distance in the back of regardless of
similarity in subject and angle. He X-rays his period, its slo­-
gans and ideologies; he states a few disagreeable truths. He is
eloquent yet now not wordy. He has develop into a grasp at slicing
his personal poems to the bone. His vocabulary of necessities and
essences is distilled from a tremendous repository of poetic language,
informed by means of culture. Pathos is infrequent; in the course of the final years
there is expanding facts of a benign scepticism, of meas­-
ured irony. but, whilst a remembered panorama, for instance,
pushes his visions into the fact, he does now not desire a lengthy
hymnic line to exhibit praise.
Heinz Piontek is, as this quantity of originals and trans­-
lations indicates, an terribly awake poet, wide awake and
conscientious; to him, his finished craft is neither regimen
nor sullen.

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Unsere Befreiung liegt in der Luft. Vor hellen aber gezeichneten Augen erscheint ein Umriss. Die Unerbittlichkeit gibt es nicht. 42 Song Experiences with the celestial body, reduced to a simple pain. Suddenly a sound that touches us. A few clear notes. In this way someone transposed the June rain on a street in Vienna. Our liberation lies in the air. An outline appears before clear but marked eyes. Inexorability does not exist. 43 Madrigal In unserm W interquartier treiben wir den Winter aus Treiben wir den Winter aus an Rhein und Donau auf dem verdorbnen Feld Beisst auch wie Schrot der Schnee Wehr dich nur Antichrist Wir treiben Feuer bergan Madrigal In our winter quarters we expel the winter Drive the winter out near Rhine and Danube on the spoilt field And if the snow bites like shot defend yourself, Antichrist We drive fire up the mountain 45 Fliegendes Blatt Getauscht Getauscht Du bist nicht du Zur Zeit des Sternezersingens Getauscht Zur Zeit wenn die Morder ausruhn Getauscht Des Nachts beim Schleichen zu knarrenden Schiffen Oder du warst nicht du 46 Flying Leaflet Deceived Deceived You are not yourself When the stars are sung to shreds Deceived When the assassins relax Deceived At night silently moving toward creaking ships Or you were not yourself 47 Einfache Satze aus dem Jahr 68 1 Jemand lasst durchblicken, dass er gegen die Zeit ist.

48 Simple Statements Made in ’68 1 Someone intimates that he is against the times. Someone carries a banner protesting banners. Others have equilateral triangles in their heads. Enlightenment grows apace. It is getting dark. New books beget new banners. The future, I hear, is a redhead. We'll discuss the future tomorrow. 49 2 Jemand weiss Bescheid. Er ist Schuler. Alte Leute erzahlen immer nur alte Geschichten. Ein Seminarist und eine Wucherin in St. Petersburg: Klassiker, gut fur Kreuzwortratsel.

Wenn mich die Alten loben, dann mangels Besserem, die Jungen verhohnen meine weissen Handschuhe, sie wollen Blut sehen. Schon hore ich sie rund um das ausgehobene Loch: Och, ware er nicht so unentschieden gewesen! Als hatte ich nicht von Anfang an gegen die Luge protestiert. 56 The truth must not be conspicuous, I put long pauses between the words. I sweat and I earn a living writing rejected plays. If the older generation praises me it's strictly faute de mieux; the young people ridicule my white gloves, they want to see blood.

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