Alien Resonance by Tom Easton

By Tom Easton

Whilst Easter Eggs that ring while touched fall from the sky, it is either a brand new form of First touch and a love tale. The query is--what form of love?

An unique technological know-how fiction novel from the writer of SPARROWHAWK.

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He paused. " He nodded. " Alec laughed and checked his watch. "I'm not surprised. " He explained his errand. Ybarra and Franklin volunteered to help clean up, and Bruce said, "Let's take my van. " Alec and Di followed him from the apartment. There was no mistaking Wendell Collin among the crowd disembarking from the plane. His head erupted above the mass, its rumpled red hair a banner for attention. Alec waved a hand, calling, "Dr. " As the man turned toward him, Di let one small giggle escape.

Tears welled from Naomi's eyes. " Ybarra shrugged his ignorance for them all. "You'll have to find new ones. But they're still showing up. " Weldon stared at the floor. One white-knuckled hand clutched his foamer. "We can trade again, too. " Ellen opened an overhead cupboard. " She found a box of small vials, each one with a screw-on eyedropper. She taped them together in pairs. Then she filled one in each pair with dilute nitric acid, the other with distilled water, for rinsing. As she passed them out, she said, "Test kits.

The student in the door was Michael Weldon. Alec remembered him and his arm zippers both from this lab and from the donnybrook in front of the gym. " When both Ybarra and Alec shook their heads, Michael added, "The traders aren't around. " Alec grinned at the thought. " "There's a couple of new guys. They say they've been collecting stones out in the woods. " "Are you kidding? For fifty bucks? " "They don't want to know if they've been taken," suggested Alec. " The new speaker was Naomi, another of Ybarra's student helpers.

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