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Alien Resonance by Tom Easton

By Tom Easton

While Easter Eggs that ring while touched fall from the sky, it truly is either a brand new type of First touch and a love tale. The query is--what type of love?

An unique technological know-how fiction novel from the writer of SPARROWHAWK.

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Di was... Di, and he had not wanted to give up on all the possibilities she represented. In time, he might have made the move Ellen was inviting. She had her own possibilities. And he liked her nearly as much as he had Di before she had come to his house. But then there had been that knock on the apartment door. Ellen had pulled away from him, and there she was. He had leaped to his feet, his face hot, feeling guilty for what he had almost done. " And she had run to him. He had not failed to note the frustration on Ellen's face, but his arms were around Di, his face buried in her hair.

We found this one the very first day. " Ellen passed him a beaker of dilute nitric acid and an eye dropper. A student held out a wash bottle. Alec tested his stone, and it failed to foam. So did Di's and Franklin's. When Ellen produced one of her own, a deeper green than Di's, it too passed the test. Alec looked at Ybarra, but he had apparently not found one. He shook his head. " Alec knocked with Franklin, with Ellen, and--hopefully--with Di. They knocked with each other. s. " said Naomi. " "Maybe they're fakes," offered Michael Weldon.

Alec turned sideways in his chair, still fuming, his hands gripping his knees, and stared at the bookshelves in front of him. There was a Bible there, and other holy books, a text or two on ethics. He had once thought he could write a book on the differences between how people thought they should behave and how they actually did. Now he wondered briefly if a better comparison might not be between people and institutions, especially governments. "I suppose," he added. " Alec stared at Ybarra. s.

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