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Agus Rud Eile De (And Another Thing) by Louis de Paor

By Louis de Paor

A bilingual poetry assortment (English & Irish-language) via Louis de Paor. A collaboration among 3 diverse artists operating in 3 diverse media. Kathleen Furey's photos of loss and separation and Ronan Browne's musical settings supply a counterpoint to Louis de Paor's poems, which fight always in the direction of gentle and redemption.

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Pinnate— . penetrate. 34 vi. Eventually you found yourself on the page : “index . of anatomy”—see : venation—how there’s a language describing entirely : . tongue—see : how willingly you brought your body to him . 35 vii. (see also : “Hart’s Tongue”)— . 36 viii. how there’s a method entirely the end of love : how willingly . a shape takes the name it’s given by the observer : a description of what feeds on it. 37 Theory of Trees ( White Birch) if narrow if limbs white, also are given skin cousin to paper .

Decided it was only ever upward unto nothing, grass and wildflowers, each stem the very thread of trembling, as little weight as color on the eye. There was an order you could choose to enter, another, in doing so, to leave. You were, as before a river or tree decides to branch. 54 West to dust. At the crossroads, digitalis quickens its cups. What in wind to hold, to home, what to house you now? Call back walls, the black slate roof, the locked door that answered your name like a key. Asphalt westward is wet, and longitude, and summer is everything is a noun is touched by water, being led—let it—latitude, curving over, along, farther, away, a way west to dust.

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