Age of Conan: Ghost of the Wall: Ghost of the Wall by Jeff Mariotte

By Jeff Mariotte

Aided through a king's daughter and a circle of allies, a tender warrior embarks on a quest opposed to those that destroyed his humans, and the tyrant who took the valuable tooth of the Ice endure. And to take action, he needs to turn into his enemy's worst nightmare. He needs to develop into a ghost.

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From the Hardcover version.

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Concern for him? He wasn’t the one being tortured. The box, Lews Therin whispered. We should have died in the box. Then . . then it would be over. Cadsuane sipped her wine. Rand hadn’t tasted his—he already knew that the spices were so strong as to render the drink unpalatable. Better that than the alternative. “You press us for results, boy,” Cadsuane said. “And yet you deny us the tools we need to get them. Whether you name it torture, questioning, or baking, I 50 T HE G ATHERING S TORM call it foolishness.

Yet he felt as if his other hand should be there to touch. Steel, he thought. I am steel. This cannot be fixed, and so I move on. The building—a thick-logged structure of pine and cedar after a design favored by the Domani wealthy—groaned and settled in the wind. Something on that wind smelled of rotten meat. Not an uncommon scent, these days. Meat spoiled without warning, sometimes only a few minutes after butchering. Drying it or salting it didn’t help. It was the Dark One’s touch, and it grew with each passing day.

It might get him killed someday. The door opened and Cadsuane strode in, as confident as any queen at court. She was a handsome woman, with dark eyes and an angular face. Her dark gray hair was up in a bun, a dozen tiny golden ornaments—each one a ter’angreal or angreal—hanging in their places atop it. Her dress was of a simple, thick wool, tied at the waist with a yellow belt, with more yellow embroidery across the collar. The dress itself was green, which was not uncommon, as that was her Ajah.

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