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Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 36 by Anthony J. Klimasara (auth.), John V. Gilfrich, Camden R.

By Anthony J. Klimasara (auth.), John V. Gilfrich, Camden R. Hubbard, Ron Jenkins, Deane K. Smith, Ting C. Huang, Michael R. James, Gerald R. Lachance, Paul K. Predecki (eds.)

Mathematical suggestions in XRay Spectrometry: learn within the Quantitative research of person debris by way of XRay Fluorescence Spectrometry (M. Lankosz et al.). Analysis of sunshine components via XRay Spectrometry: XRFA of Carbon in Steels (F. Weber et al.). XRS options and Instrumentation: Diffraction Peaks in XRay Spectroscopy (R.G.Tissot, R.P. Goehner). OnLine, commercial, and different functions of XRS: program of XRF within the Aluminum (F.R. Feret). XRay Characterization of skinny Films: Grazing prevalence XRay Characterization of fabrics (D.K. Bowen, M. Wormington). WholePattern becoming, section research via Diffraction Methods: part id utilizing WholePattern Matching (D.K. Smith et al.). Polymer purposes of XRD. HighTemperature and NonAmbient purposes of XRD. tension and pressure choice via Diffraction tools, height Broadening research. XRD concepts and Instrumentation. seventy one extra articles. Index.

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An X-ray spectrum may be considered in terms of three frequency components: (1) a background continuum characterized by low-frequency variations, (2) low-amplitude, high frequency variations from channel to channel that result from random counting errors, and (3) characteristic X-ray peaks, which may be thought of as high amplitude, intermediate-frequency components. A linear, digital filter can be mathematically constructed to suppress the low- and high-frequency components of spectra but preserves the mid frequency information of the X-ray peaks (McCarthy and Schamber; 1981).

For transitions involving other cascades the indices must be modified accordingly. In the following equation K and L denote K- and L-shells, and Ka- and La-lines are assumed: (d) and (0 describe effects similar to those discussed in the previous section for C-K shell ionization and subsequent ionizations by the photoelectron. The carbon-case is taken into account by (g). 347) and the energy-difference between the Auger-electron and the tube-photon is less than 8keV. Ionizations by Compton-electrons (h) have been shown to contribute considerably at higher energies ll , but are neglected in the current computations.

Taking into consideration, however, the magnitude of the correction, the results show clearly that accounting for secondary enhancement effects by photo-electrons will be essential in the analysis of light elements. The absorption coefficients for the numerical evaluations have been taken from McMaster et al. 12 for energies above IkeV and extended for the region between lkeV and lOOeV. 012849171 0 (9) i=O ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This work was supported by the Austrian Fonds zur Forderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, project 7363.

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