Advances in multiphase flow and heat transfer Vol. 2 by Lixin Cheng; Dieter Mewes

By Lixin Cheng; Dieter Mewes

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Figure 3. Pressure gradient and normalised conductivity from a ring and a local probe against input water fraction for oil-water flow at 4 m/s mixture velocity. The ring probe is located at the perimeter of the pipe while the local conductivity probe is located in the middle of the pipe. The arrow indicates the direction of the experiment from water to oil continuous. Tyrode et al. [25] had shown that the formation of multiple drops depends on the value of the HLD-factor (Hydrophylic-Lipophilic Deviation from an optimum formulation) of the mixture.

Where parameter L is calculated as L = π ( D o2 − D r2 ) (38) 4Do As shown in Figure 16, Do is the outer diameter of the fin, Dr is the root diameter of the finned tube, t is the fin thickness, p is fin pitch and ηfin is the fin efficiency. Af is the surface of a single fin and is calculated as Af = π 2 (D 2 o − Dr2 ) (39) Auf is the area of the surface exposed tube between adjacent fins and is calculated as Auf = πDo ( p − t ) (40) The effective area of a fin Ae is calculated as Ae = ηfin Af + Auf .

Cereceda, R. Schemenauer and M. Suit, “An alternative water supply for Chilean coastal desert villages”, Int. J Water Resour. , vol. 8, pp. 53–59, 1992. R. Schemenauer and P. Cereceda, “Fog collection role in water planning for developing countries”, Natural Resources Forum vol. 18, pp. 91–100, 1994. W. C. Wells, An essay on dew, and several appearances connected with it, 2nd ed. London: Taylor and Hessey, 1815. M. Muselli, D. Beysens and I. Milimouk, “A comparative study of two large radiative dew water condensers”, J.

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