Advances in cell culture. Volume 2 by Karl Maramorosch

By Karl Maramorosch

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The fidelity of DNA synthesis using poly(d-C) as a template was similar when DNA polymerase was purified from lymphocytes of young and old adults, although polymerase-α purified from old adults was thermolabile compared to enzyme from young adults (Agarwal et aL, 1978). Thermolability did not in this case alter proliferative capacity. The amount of DNA polymerase-ß extracted from the nuclei of liver cells from middle-aged and old rats was found to be the same (Ove and Coetzee, 1978). Activity of 5'-nucleotidase has been found to increase 6- to 10-fold in aging IMR-90 and WI-38 cells, respectively, and 20-fold in aging chick embryo fibroblasts (Sun et aL, 1979; Vorbrodt et aL, 1979).

This group also found that cells arrested by low serum showed similar levels of synthesis during the first one-third of the cell life span and a 30 to 50% increase in DNA repair in the last two-thirds of the life span as compared to confluent cultures. DellOrco and Whittle (1981) have recently presented evidence that greater numbers of DNA distortions exist in senescent human foreskin CELLULAR SENESCENCE IN VITRO 31 fibroblasts as compared to young, but these defects do not apparently result from defective repair mechanisms.

1980) or human skin fibroblasts, or from progeria or Werner's syndrome cells, has been found (Wojtyk and Goldstein, 1980). , 1977). , 1974; (Fulder, 1977). Restriction of the replication of Semliki Forest virus in aged L 929 cell monolayers is mainly associated with the metabolic slowdown which occurs with age in these cells (Eylan and Gazit, 1979). , 1978) in this system. Edelmann and Gallant (1977) and Gallant and Palmer (1979) have reported t h a t errors created in E. coli by the administration of streptomycin, a drug known to induce translational errors, have converged to a stable value.

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