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Advances in Carpet Manufacture by K K Goswami

By K K Goswami

This e-book offers an outline of the advancements and ideas inside of this region, masking the manufacture of many differing kinds of carpet. It starts through discussing the different sorts and requisites of carpets, besides the constitution and homes of the carpet fibers and yarns which are used. The e-book then explores contemporary advancements within the manufacture of carpets. subject matters comprise the advances in carpet weaving and the aid of static in carpets. The ebook additionally examines a range of carpet kinds, together with wool carpets, cloth activities surfaces and home made carpets. Review.a nice source to these within the carpet industry., foreign fabric and clothing organization in regards to the AuthorIndian Institute of Carpet expertise, India [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Engineering Wool Carpet Yarns, Textile Trends, February 1987. G H Crawshaw. Requirements for wool carpets for contract applications, Wool Science Review, Vol. 53, March 1977. © 2009 Woodhead Publishing Limited 3 Advances in carpet weaving S D E M E Y , N V Michel Van de Wiele, Belgium Abstract: This chapter explains in detail the newest developments in weaving machines for machine-made carpets. It covers the complete range of single-, double- and three-rapier weaving machines and stresses the efforts that have been made to increase production output, speed and flexibility.

Some of this may be naturally pigmented but stained wool must be avoided or fastness to light is poor. Alternatively wool may be dyed to natural colours [9]. 2 Advances in carpet manufacture Spinning and twisting The requirements of good strength, uniformity of strength and freedom from joints leads the newcomer in wool tufting to think of semi-worsted yarns with their high long fibre content and large package size. But there is much more to making carpet than ease of manufacture. The properties of finished carpet are more important.

BCF two-step process In this process the un-drawn yarn spun to a given specification is wound to a package after spinning and these packages are then draw-textured. This two-step process provides more versatility than the single-step process as yarns of different colour, dyeability or denier can be creeled up in one machine. 2 BCF polypropylene BCF polypropylene yarns are manufactured by spin-draw-texturing. The polypropylene fibre is not as susceptible to oxidation as nylon and also has © 2009 Woodhead Publishing Limited Structure and properties of carpet fibres and yarns 29 virtually zero moisture pick-up, hence plants for manufacturing polypropylene do not need melting of chips under nitrogen and also strict moisture control is not a requirement.

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