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Advanced Mineralogy: Volume 1 Composition, Structure, and by R. H. Mitchell, M. I. Novgorodova, E. I. Semenov (auth.),

By R. H. Mitchell, M. I. Novgorodova, E. I. Semenov (auth.), Prof. Dr. A. S. Marfunin (eds.)

All latest introductory studies of mineralogy are written accord­ ing to an identical set of rules, also known as the "Dana approach of Mineralogy". Even smooth complicated handbooks, that are cer­ tainly important, contain easy facts on minerals and are basically descriptive. whilst uncomplicated info at the chemistry, constitution, optical and actual homes, distinct gains and para­ genesis of 200-400 minerals is gifted, then there's virtually no additional area to be had to incorporate new principles and ideas according to fresh mineral experiences. a potential method to this problem will be to provide a publication starting the place introductory textbooks finish for these already famil­ iar with the trouble-free ideas. any such quantity will be adapted to experts in all fields of technology and undefined, attracted to the newest ends up in mineralogy. This procedure should be known as complicated Mineralogy. right here, an test has been made to survey the present percentages and goals in mineral topic investigations, together with the most features of the entire tools, an important difficulties and subject matters of mineral­ ogy, and similar reports. the person volumes are composed of brief, condensed chap­ ters. each one bankruptcy provides in an entire, albeit condensed, shape particular difficulties, tools, theories, and instructions of investigations, and estimates their value and strategic place in technology and industry.

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Furthermore, a researcher should be fully aware of all mathematical assumptions that are inherent in methods being used because they impose limitations both on the data that can be used safely and the validity of results obtained by the analysis. Cluster Analysis Cluster analysis (Romesburg 1984) can be divided conveniently into two categories: 1. Classification of relatively small sets of observations (n is small). 2. Classification of large sets of observations that number in the hundreds or even thousands (n is large).

Number of mineral species for the chemical elements vs. 3 The Mineral Composition of the Earth's Crust 29 Table 8. The numbers of minerals for the chemical elements > 1000 300-1000 0(2709), H (1921) Si (906), Fe (883), Ca (867), S (761), Al (714), Na (560), Mg (555), Cu (437), Mn (416), P (398), As (387), Pb (371) 100-300 K (288), C (272), F (221), Cl (220), U (199), Ti (196), Sb (195), Zn (193), B (179), Y + TR (160), Bi (148), Ba (142), Ni (142), V (133), Ag (126), Te (117), Nb (104) 30-100 Se (82), Sn (78), Sr (74), Be (71), N (70), Ta (69), Cr (69), Hg (68), Zr (65), Li (65), Co (56), Pd (47), Pt (37), Th (37), Tl (34), Mo (33) < 30 W (28), Au (28), Ir (17), Ge (16), I (16), Rh (13), Ru (12), Br (12), Cs (10), Os (9), Sc (8), In (7), Ga (2), Hf (2), Re (2), Rb (0) Compiled from M.

593 912 . 26 =! , 18-1- (OH,F,CI). ] The result in Table 7 is: l: 0 props. 3961 previously used, and almost identical cation numbers will result. 1 Structural Formulae 17 For an amphibole, the formula involving (Si,AI)s022(OH,F)2 would be derived normally on the basis of 24(0, OH, F) but if(OH,F) is uncertain, the basis would be 23(0). This procedure would not, however, be safe for an oxidized amphibole, in which some OH is replaced by 0; the correct basis would then be between 23 and 24(0). Electron probe analyses do not differentiate between Fe 2+ and Fe 3 + and the total iron present is usually given as an Fe 2+ equivalent.

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