Abkhaz: A Comprehensive Self-Tutor by George Hewitt

By George Hewitt

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Is. is. In the first o f these examples the verb-form contains two pronominal prefixes, one from the list presented above to correlate with the intransitive subject, the other being the possessive marker on the noun, introduced in Lesson 2. Apart from the д-variant for the 3rd person plural (which readers can ignore for the time-being) and the zeromarker for the 3rd person non-human singular (the occurrence o f which with certain preverbs is explained below in this lesson), these possessive markers are identical lo the affixes which mark a Stative verb's second argument, as can be seen by comparing the list below with that presented in Lesson 2: Pronominal Markers o f a Stalive Verb's Second Argument SINGULAR PLURAL I st person с(ы)- ҳ(а)-/(а)ҳ - 4 2 nd person (human male, indefinite) y- шә(ы)- 2 nd person (human female) б(ы)- шә(ы)- 3rd person (human male) и- р (ы )-/д (ы ) - 5 3rd person (human female) л(ы)- р(ы )-/д(ы )- ^This, somewhat counler-intuitively but in reflection o f the usual spclling-convcnlion for noun­ adjective sequences, can be spelled as two separate words: дхаца бзиоуп.

Fig-tree'); адәа 'apple' => ацзарҭа 'apple-orchard' (vs. ацәацла 'apple-tree'); аҳа 'реаг' => аҳарҭа 'pear-orchard (vs. аҳадла 'pear-tree')'. Examples o f -paa: Алхас 'Alkhas' => Алхасраа 'Alkhas and friends'; Гәында 'Gunda' => Гәынцараа 'Gunda and friends'; Хьфаф 'K h jfa f => Хьфафраа 'K hjfaf and friends'. B. жәаха 'not long since'. 33 30 еажәи жзаба m illion миллионк 31 аажәи жәеиза 2,006 анызқьи фба 40 ©ынаажәа 5 ,127 хәнызқьи шәи аажәи бжьба The list reveals that the counting-system is based on units not o f '10' but '20'.

1996a. Sadz, an Abkhaz dialed in Turkey, NSL S. Linguistic Studies in the non-Slavic languages o f the Commonwealth o f Independent States and the Baltic Republics, 67-81. Chicago: University Press. P. 1970. Sistema vremen i osnovnyx modal'nyx obrazovanij abxazsko- abazinskix dialektax |The System o f Tenses and Basic Modal Formations in the Abkhaz-Abaza Dialects). Tbilisi: Mecniereba. P. 2005. Glagol'noe slovoobrazovanie v abxazskom jazyke [Verb WordFormation in the Abkhaz Language]. Sukhum: Academy Press.

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