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A Tudor tragedy; the life and times of Catherine Howard by lacey smith

By lacey smith

London released Biography

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Exactly when Dereham began to haunt the Dowager s Lambeth residence is not recorded. He was merely one of the fest many young gallants who were attracted to the maidens were directed not towards of the young ladies of the another but to Catherine Joan Buhner, 61 household. In theory, the door to the girls dormitory was locked chamber , and at first his attentions every night, but this evidently constituted only a trifling barrier. The lock could be picked, athletic lovers could climb the lattice, or the maidens themselves could steal the key from the Duchess s bedchamber, once she was safely asleep.

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The Howard influence at ire for court was sufficient to obtain a royal pardon, but his friend and colleague, Lord Ogle, fared less well, and this unfortunate gentle man was turned over to the normal course of the common law with the royal reminder that his actions had resulted in the murder of one of the King us but to God/ 6 s subjects If we add to which great offence this that Catherine s is not only to father was sus pected of harbouring pro-papal sentiments, then there is little wonder that he was distinctly persona non grata in court circles.

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