A Tudor tragedy; the life and times of Catherine Howard by lacey smith

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Then in tragic words he summed up the plight into a debtor if I were a poor man s son, I might dig and because of his noble dignity he could not but my living labour without bringing great reproach and shame to himself and of his kind by saying delve for , blood. 12 Even when he did finally attain a government he continued to be plagued with financial position at Calais, difficulties and found the Controller s salary of ^80 per annum all his too little to maintain a household worthy of a Howard and a servant.

She rarely went to court except on business or command, and she must have and the new men of the represented almost everything that Henry her stubborn defence of acid disliked. Her tongue, age most wife, Catherine of Aragon, her studied disregard for the refinements of high society, and her total disdain for courtly Henry s first must have made her distinctly unpopular at court. But and feudal facade lay both shrewdness and under knowledge of the ways of the world, and despite her outward remained a good deal of amused religious orthodoxy, there etiquette this starched toleration of the antics and escapades of youth.

Secondly, on closer inspection, Catherine appears to have been better born than those abandoned persons who no presumably took such fiendish innocent mind. Her delight in systematically corrupting her brothers and sisters were all under the s care at various times, and the children of her aunt, the Countess of Bridgewater, were her constant associates. 25 Her bedmates, those immoral temptresses, turn out to have been her Dowager cousins, for both Katherine and Malyn Tylney were relatives of the Duchess, while Alice Restwold stock.

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