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A Treasury of Sanskrit Poetry by A. N. D. Haksar

By A. N. D. Haksar

It is a accomplished anthology of Sanskrit poetry within the top English translations on hand. the 1st ever of its style, it brings jointly excerpts from an entire diversity of unique works, translated by way of over 40 extraordinary writers together with poets and students, savants and seers, and winners of the Nobel prize for literature.

Drawing from sacred in addition to vintage and folks literature, this assortment encompasses a large choice of poetry in translation. It comprises nature hymns and mystic utterances; epic narratives and love lyrics; songs and reflections at the human situation; verses devotional and philosophic, heroic and tragic, erotic and satiric; courtly epigrams and inscriptions, and straightforward poems shape the countryside.

English translations from Sanskrit have a heritage of over centuries. the best of those renderings were compiled during this quantity by means of a well known Sanskritist to provide the traditional language's poetic splendour, now not via realized discourse, yet by way of letting the poetry converse for itself.

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V II ( abridged) Romesh Dufl * * * * * 25 Oblation t o Karna Sacred Ganga, ample-bosomed, sweeps along in regal pride, Rol l i ng down her l i mpid waters through high banks on either side, C h i l d less dames and weeping widows thither in thei r anguish came, Due and holy rites to render to departed chiefs of fame. 30 . A Treasury v/Sanskrit Poetry Cast i ng forth the i r j ewel led g i rd l es, gems and scarfs belaced with gold G ave oblations of the water unto warri ors true and bold, , U nto fathers, unto h usbands, unto sons in bat:le slayed, Offeri ngs of the sacred water sorrowing w ives and mothers I lIade.

The horse wou l d d raw a s w i ft carriage. T h e enterta i n e r a good l au g h . The pen i s seeks a ha i ry s l ot A nd the frog s ee k s a stag n a n t p o n d . F o r the s a k e o f S p i r i t. 0 M i nd Let go of al l these wanderi ng tho u g h ts ! IX. 1 1 2 Jean Le Mee * * * * * Rig Veda . 13 Siima Veda 12 Soma Hero, the Soma being shed, I pour the j u i ce for thee to dri nk: Sate thee and fi n i sh thy carouse ! Let not the fools, or those who mock, beguile thee when they seek thine aid : Love not the enemy o f prayer!

The waters suddenly, l ike bellowing cattle, descended and flowed on, down to the ocean. In h is strength h e chose the soma­ from three cups he drank the essence. The Generous seized his thunderbolt, and smote the tirstborn of drago ns. When, lndra, you slew the firstborn of d ra gons , and frustrated the arts of th e sorcerers, creating sun and heaven and dawn, you found no enemy to withstand you. lndra sl ew Vritra, and VyafT\sa, stronger than Vritra, w ith his thunderbolt, w ith h is migh ty weapon.

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