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A Tiger By the Tail by F. A. Hayek

By F. A. Hayek

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S. Mill. 20 Is There a Price ‘Level’? , a relationship between the total money stock and the total volume of production, variations in this ‘level’ being associated with variations in aggregate output. 22 These price and output changes, he maintained, occurred irrespective of changes in the price level. , a ‘depression’. A. Hayek, ‘Economics and Knowledge’, ‘The Use of Knowledge in Society’ and the three chapters on ‘Socialist Calculation’ in Individualism and Economic Order (London: Routledge, 1948).

19) is not accurate. 10 THE DEBATE , 1931–1971 During the 1920s, the widespread theoretical and policy influence of the ‘stabilisationists’ meant that considerations of the kind sketched by Professor Hayek were not incorporated into either theoretical or policy analysis; consequently, the price ‘level’ ‘stability’ of the period was read as implying a lack of maladjustment in the underlying price structure. ) Theoretically and practically, it may be argued that in conditions of ‘depression’ there is little choice save to augment the level of monetary expenditure to the highest possible degree.

A demand on the part of the trade unions for an increase in money rates of wages to compensate for every increase in his cost of living is futile, and greatly to the disadvantage of the working class. Like the dog in the fable, they lose Reviewing the General Theory in Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1936–37, he said: In a world organised in accordance with Keynes’s specifications, there would be a constant race between the printing press and the business agents of the trade unions with the problem of unemployment largely solved if the printing press could maintain a constant lead .

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