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A short trip in hungary and Transylvania in the spring of by D. T. Ansted

By D. T. Ansted

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The magnitude of the timber grown on the site of the old works affords silent but strong proof of the time that has elapsed, and explain the deep cuts in the hill-side made by the action of cen­ turies of summer rain and winter frost, and partly obscuring the old trenches dug by the miner. A charming walk through the forest may be found, but only in the company of one who knows the coun­ try well, from the place where are all these indications of iron industry to another little valley, also provided with its little mills and hammer-works.

There are several churches in the town, but the only very remarkable building is the castle, which is nobly situated on a precipitous rock of crys­ talline limestone, jutting forward as a promontory, and standing almost detached. Two small streams meet the Strehl at this point, and three sides of the promontory are thus surrounded with water; the fourth is quite inaccessible. Another rock rises on the opposite side of one of the little streams, and from the top of this second rock, also quite isolated, a bridge has been built which forms the only means of access to the castle.

The mountains now also begin to close in, and the whole country gradually assumes a more Alpine character. The valley of Hátzeg itself is wide, long, and open. It is a separate valley, opening from the west into the Strehl valley; commencing at the foot of Retgezat, it terminates near the town of Hátzeg. The physical geography of this part of the Carpa­ thian chain is well seen in the valley of the Strehl and of the small tributary entering near Hátzeg. The chief mountain axis ranges east and west at some distance to the south.

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