A Physicist's View of Matter and Mind by Chandre Dharma-wardana

By Chandre Dharma-wardana

It is a hugely interdisciplinary e-book straddling physics and complicated structures corresponding to dwelling organisms. The presentation is from the point of view of physics, in a way obtainable to these attracted to medical wisdom built-in inside of its socio-cultural and philosophical backgrounds. key components of human figuring out, particularly physics and wide awake advanced platforms, are provided in basic language. An not obligatory technical presentation is additionally given in parallel the place it really is wanted.

Readership: basic viewers with curiosity in physics and intricate structures biology in addition to technology lecturers.

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Would be claimed to be even more beyond reductionism. The appeal to holism is not at all new, and goes back to antiquity. The author of the Suthra-kritange, a Sanskrit text going back to Upanishadic times, perhaps five or six centuries before Christ, explains consciousness as an emergent property ‘which manifests itself when the elements come together in the body, like the intoxicating power when the ingredients are mixed’ [116]. An alternative view is that the whole is never more than its parts inclusive of the interactions and boundary conditions defining the system!

What about properties like consciousness, thought, volition and life itself? Already in 1890 Thomas Huxley [112] asked the same questions and gave the correct answers: ‘When hydrogen and oxygen are mixed in a certain proportion, and an electric spark is passed through them, they disappear and a quantity of water . . appears in their place. . we do not hesitate to believe that . . (the properties of water) result from the properties of the component elements of the water. We do not assume that a something called ‘aqueosity’ entered into .

The various possible crystal phases are described by the phase diagram of the material. This phase diagram becomes extremely rich and complex when we consider ‘non-equilibrium’ situations and multi-component dissipative phases. Living organisms belong to this extended, dissipative part of the non-equilibrium phase diagram. A soap bubble is a rather simple non-equilibrium dissipative system which is in quasiequilibrium for the short ‘life-time’ b of the bubble. It forms using the energy of the air-water interface; it lasts for b seconds and then decays as the ambient parameters change to a non-equilibrium regime.

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