A Lost Touch of Magic by Amy Tolnitch

By Amy Tolnitch

Hidden in the stone partitions of chateau MacCoinneach is the likely quiet realm of Paroseea, but probability now stalks the halls of the fortress, looking vengeance and patiently looking ahead to the go back of the fallen laird. while the ghost of Padruig MacCoinneach’s cherished sister sends him again to the highlands and a existence he forswore, he provides to do something to save lots of his closing sister and relief his extended family. He by no means anticipated, however, that he must marry his ally’s daughter, Aimli, whom he deems either a reckless baby and a effective temptation. jointly they are going to need to conquer their anger and doubt to discover belief, love, and finally safeguard for themselves and their clans.

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44 A Lost Touch of Magic Sebilla’s smile faded. ” She rose. “I wish to be alone. ” After her advisors left, Sebilla went to her private chambers. Her retreat was usually a place of calm, comprised of spacious rooms draped in light shades of sea foam and turquoise. Her rooms opened to a terrace overlooking a clear blue pool. Pink and white flowers cascaded from stone arches above. Today, she felt as if she had no refuge. After lighting a brazier set on the terrace, she retrieved a wide copper bowl and a box filled with various plants, herbs, and other sacred objects.

I shall think on this, Laird. ” “’Tis a good offer. ” The steely look in the laird’s eyes confirmed his claim. The question remained—why offer her to Padruig? Was the girl so lacking that he was desperate enough to appeal to the outlaw laird of another clan? ” “Do so. ” dcd Having come to the realization that the only way she would be permitted out of her chamber was to pretend acquiescence, Freya managed to swallow her bile long enough to do so. As a result, she sat in the great hall for supper, picking at chunks of beef in a mustard sauce and trying very hard to avoid glaring at the smug bastard who presided over supper as if he were the king himself.

Dcd Padruig followed Laird de Grantham and his sons and strove to quell the disquiet that coiled in his gut. The laird was up to something, he would swear it. Padruig and Magnus had been welcomed, yet the laird 33 Amy Tolnitch had yet to give any indication of how he viewed Padruig’s request for aid. Padruig set his jaw. If the laird refused, he would find another way. Somehow. On his journey back to the Highlands, he had come to some realizations. He could not stand by idly and watch Freya being wed to a man such as Angus Ransolm.

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