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A History Of Hispanics In Southern Nevada (WilburShepperson by M. L. Miranda

By M. L. Miranda

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Besides the two Franciscan priests, there were eight other members of the expedition, among whom were Captain Bernardo de Miera y Pacheco, an engineer and map maker, and several men who had traveled over a part of the proposed trail as traders. They all rode on horseback, and their supplies were carried by pack animals. A small herd of cattle accompanied them, to be slaughtered on the trail for food. The first day the explorers traveled twenty-three miles through several Pueblo Indian villages to Santa Clara, near the site where Oñate had established the first Spanish colony in New Mexico in 1598.

When the weather cleared and the padre felt better, they continued north of the plateau of Mesa Verde. 21 The seventh day of August found the Franciscan priests on the banks of Río de la Piedra Parada, where they recorded the following observations: "Here is a large meadow which we called San Antonio. 22 After traveling northwestward on August 14 for about seventeen miles, they entered a rugged canyon that led them northward for five miles, whereupon they once again came upon the Dolores River.

Then slowly but steadily, from the turn of the century on, the population gradually shifted to the south as more and more jobs became available there. The building of the railroad, the Hoover Dam, Basic Magnesium, Nellis Air Force Base, the Test Site, and the beginnings of the gam- Page xiii ing and tourism industry were among the early impetuses for population growth in southern Nevada. The recession in California and the rise in home building and construction of major hotels have been the most recent impetuses for the immigration and migration of Hispanics to southern Nevada.

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