A Guardian's Desire by Mya

By Mya

A warrior by way of alternate and by way of nature, Freya Daniels is the simplest at what she does. whilst bounty hunter Freya Daniels attends a festival for werewolf debutantes and suitors, she's some distance too busy having fun with the perks of wealth and rite to gain she's being watched. while she meets the submissive wolf Rayne, she can't think her good fortune. The androgynous male is simply excellent for her voracious urge for food. yet she's no longer looking forward to the beta wolf to come back with a truly dominant and robust Alpha, Fenris. Fenris is simply as a lot of a warrior as Freya and two times the brute. whereas she would routinely by no means examine courting a bull like Fenris, there's something diversified concerning the Alpha, anything even she cannot deny: the charm among wolf-mates. jointly Rayne and Fenris are usually not purely greater than she will deal with, yet all of the mum or dad may perhaps ever desire...if simply she may possibly admit that to herself. Publisher's be aware: This e-book comprises specific sexual content material, photograph language, and events that a few readers may well locate objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f), intercourse whereas in shifted animal shape, and violence.

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As Freya followed Rebecca’s scent through mansion halls, she ignored the growls, laughter, and lewdness of rowdy groupings. She paid no attention to catcalls, invitations, or challenges thrown toward her. She was on the scent, which ended at a door to a pack suite. Music and laughter sounded through the wood indicating a party was in full swing. She didn’t bother to knock. With ease, Freya pushed the double doors wide and stepped inside. She scanned the room, her gaze meeting with a group of young males watching a sparring match.

Shoving Gregory out of harm’s way, she needed her full attention to be on the more experienced wolf. The burly wolf, his brown fur peppered with gray and black, set his dark brown eyes on Freya. Marcus was in full battle lust, and reasoning would be useless to him. All that he wanted was battle, it seemed. Freya backhanded him. Striking Freya across the face, Marcus returned the blow just as quickly as it had been given. Freya laughed against the pain before deciding to charge the wolf head on.

Freya brushed off the haughty response. ” The big wolf smiled, showing perfect white canines. “It would be just the time, in fact. ” Freya gasped, unable to find any response to the news she had just heard. By old laws, a beta wolf was a possession of an alpha. Betas were the only rank that did not participate in pageants. Alphas, gammas, deltas, omegas even, came to look for mates, but not betas. It had never occurred to Freya that Rayne would be higher than a delta. There was no clue that she had missed but believing it was still difficult.

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