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A Complete Guide to Fitness, Sports & Nutrition: Steps to a by Mary Anderson

By Mary Anderson

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Try to feel your toe, and think only about the toe. If you slip up, return to the toe. 3. It is also possible to try to calm down your mind before going to sleep. Doing a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or reading a little may calm your mind down so that you fall easily asleep. Note: for some people this has the opposite effect, making them more awake. 4. Instead of focusing on your mind, you may wish to focus on your body. Doing some excercise (such as running) earlier in the evening, or some yoga right before you go to bed will make your body sleepier.

You may need to begin building endurance at a lower level and progress much more slowly than the scheme suggested below. 4. To build your cardiovascular endurance you have to begin at a slow pace, some begin walking 5 minutes then run 1 minute the first few times, then walk 3 run 2, etc until you reach a point where you are running the entire time. Start with short runs, don't go to far from home because you will have to come back and if you get too tired you will put yourself at risk for injuries.

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