A Complete Course in Astrology: Erection and Interpretation by George Bayer

By George Bayer

While you are attracted to astrology, and specifically monetary astrology, then this can be one of many books you'll want. It teaches you the basics of making a horoscope for person shares, indexes, companies and contributors, and in addition speak about how one can decipher and interpret what you might have created.

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These events depend as a rule on one of the following planets: Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. Mars brings sudden illness and fever Jupiter, money (gains and losses) Uranus, sudden changes of domicile, of employment Saturn, most anything that is slow and persistent (good or bad) We erect the native's horoscope on 0 Aries on the Ascendant. We enter the planets as of London noon as shown in the ephemeris of the day of birth. Supposing, or native of Aug. 3rd 1901 had an accident on May 25th 1937.

C. 57 4. 33 4. C. Leo Cancer Neptune Scorpio Node plus Capricorn Jupiter Gemini Pluto plus Libra Venus plus Scorpio Mars Capricorn Saturn Virgo Mercury plus Libra Ascendant plus Sagitt. 33 19. 57 MC plus Leo Nept. Cn plus Scorpio Node Capr. Jupiter plus Gemini Pluto Libra Venus Scorpio Mars plus Capricorn Saturn plus Virgo Mercury Libra Ascendant Sagitt. Uranus plus Virgo Sun plus This Table is only good for August 3rd 1937. For any other date during the year it needsadjustment by adding the daily motion increment of the planet.

9 equals 331 x 489 or 161859 :60 = 2698:60= 4º39' 4º39' plus 3 Pi = 7º39 Pi. 9 = 447x489 or 218583:60 =3643:60= 6º43' 6º43' plus 19º28 Pi = 26 Pi 11'. 38 Ar = 7º18 Aries. e. 28 Taurus. 21 Taurus. all the others were made on the same principle. step # 5 and #6: The radix mirrored positions and the mundane mirrored positions are then produced with the aid of Fig. 10 and the rules as shown on pages 16 to 18. step #7: the progressed positions of the planets for the 3rd of Aug. 01 AM position as of Sept, 8th 1901.

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