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A Complete Book of Magic Science by Frederick Hockley

By Frederick Hockley

Hardcover. 136pp. caliber black textile binding w/ gilt sigil stamped at the entrance hide, and gilt identify and so on. at the backbone. This version is restricted to 450 numbered copies. colour frontispiece and a sixteen web page colour insert published on specific covered paper inventory, and which reproduce the unique coloured illustrations of sigils, seals, magical instruments, and so on. quite a few black and white reproductions of sigils, Hebrew letters, and so on. in-text. until eventually this printing, the grimoire has existed simply in manuscript shape it appears derived from "an historical Latin manuscript," stated up to now from 1519. The paintings is obviously regarding the booklet referred to as 'The mystery Grimoire of Turiel,' even though it is lengthier and comprises a lot extra fabric.

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45 """ .. ~, ~ ""1 t~i rtj 1 I I II ~ I~ ~ \,1 I,i. , II. "/ A,e' ,( ' / ~/" p //... /" '" fo ",t' /, /J, . -J I j ,. f ,. ( / /r .. ,/ , "" l't .. ~/ - l -=- /I. , , ~7... , / ~,(~( , //lu j: c j f 7 rr "'''I· , 4;. 1'. y /f'~{~ //,a ('f . ~c /L J,: ~I /I,,( 0, . :", • i r, 0·. ;' f" r(' ~ (1-r~ (), / ,. I' <; ' " ,{, ; / /£ //t", 79 Spirits of the Sun. Gabriel. Vianathraba. Carat. Messengers of the Sun. Burchat. Sucerato . Capabili . ~P /"//~fo ~ra ... , Intelligences of the Sun. Haludiel. I /0'# dc.

49 Character of Ophie! Lord of Mercury. 24 Perfumes The seed of an Ash Tree, the wood of an Aloe: Storax and loadstone powder of blue and the end of a Quill, made into small balls. 25 51 · Character of Hagtth Lord of Venus. 26 Perfumes Musk, ambergris, wood of Aloes, dried Red Roses, red coral, pulverized, made into a paste with the blood of . 27 a PIgeon. 53 Character of Och Lord of the Sun. 28 Perfumes Grains of Black Pepper, grains of Hogsbane, powder of loadstone, myrrh of the east, powdered made into paste with the blood of a Bat, and brain of a black Cat.

Iat, iat, Fiat. Amen. your messengers who may willingly and truly and faithfully fulfil all my kindly, and affably of our Lord hrist, in Wh Part the Third.

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