A Companion to the Classical Greek World (Blackwell by Konrad H. Kinzl

By Konrad H. Kinzl

This significant other presents scholarly but obtainable new interpretations of Greek heritage of the Classical interval, from the aftermath of the Persian Wars in 478 B.C. to the dying of Alexander the good in 323 B.C.

Topics lined variety from the political and institutional constructions of Greek society, to literature, paintings, economics, society, conflict, geography and the environment.
Discusses the issues of examining a number of the assets for the period.
Guides the reader in the direction of a broadly-based realizing of the heritage of the Classical Age.

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But he set about the task energetically and intelligently – critics who think that he cannot have seen the places and things of which he gives exaggerated reports, or that his attributions of biased accounts to the obvious sources are simply a device to make his fictions more plausible, misunderstand the circumstances in which he was working – and he was certainly engaged in what we should consider historical enquiry. But he was doing other things too. 29–33, has many echoes of Odysseus’ visit to Phaeacia in Odyssey 7–8.

The Classical Age as a Historical Epoch 15 about 1,500 citizens (Aristotle Ath. Pol. 4). Nor was any mercy shown in conducting war. For instance, in the summer of 414 a force of 1,300 Thracian mercenaries under an Athenian general struck down the undefended Boiotian city of Mykalessos: The Thracians bursting into Mycalessus sacked the houses and temples, and butchered the inhabitants, sparing neither youth nor age but killing all they fell in with, one after the other, children and women, and even beasts of burden, and whatever other living creatures they saw.

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