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A Beka Spelling and Poetry 1 Teacher Editon by A Beka Book

By A Beka Book

Spelling and Poetry 1 instructor version

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38 • • III We e g e e : C o n e y I s l a n d B e a c h after Midnight No moon is good. I take off my shoes And go silently so as not to lose The shot I know is lurking there— American made Is my stock-in-trade, As whatever’s in the frame I choose, I chose, though it’s like I wasn’t there. What’s out there? Why, sweethearts in love Making love out where it’s dark enough. I wouldn’t disturb them for the world. Each kiss, what’s left Between each breath— Hard work, but the kind that makes you laugh.

She lowers her head and begins to eat like a cat. Her mama’s favorite cat, she feels herself petted, she likes it like that. The boy tries to wake her, why won’t she wake up? She shouldn’t sleep here, this isn’t her bed. He can see the large bed she shares with his father, the sheets would be taut, the bedspread smoothed out, tucked neatly under pillows white as two eggs. The bed is made in its hunger; it’s empty but hungry. In her dream her legs feel like springs, they’re tan as if made of copper, she could walk forever away from the house to have her adventure.

21 • Te m p o The cardinal’s red plume works sexmagic on the boy in the classroom, stuck at his desk; but eyes seek beyond the pane for imagination’s mate, the phenomenal world. The white paper invites him to the wide-ruled field with wood chips still visible, where pinched lead will scratch the composition in the compost. Like the bird, the boy can sing, though words come slowly 22 • • when they come, to make the tune that keeps the cardinal there in view. A story of red: ripe cherry, poppy flame and fox fur lit by sun, as when the sun rises red expect wind and rain, red earth releasing vapors to make red gold for great fingers, iron hot in red cinder, red with guilt and tempered ointments, red gills pulsing in sudden air, Garibaldi’s shirt billowing in red sea fog, red on red, the butcher’s hand holding a rose, a bow, a burn, • 23 • a trove.

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