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Symmetry And Group

354th Fighter Group by William N Hess, Chris Davey

By William N Hess, Chris Davey

ВЂ˜I imagine the good fortune of the 354th because the major workforce within the ecu theatre for aerial victories is because of a number of issues. First used to be the preliminary education of the squadrons prior to deployment to England. Colonel Ken Martin nurtured the crowd from its infancy, and all of the excellence that later confirmed via can be put at his doorstep. regardless of his early life, he knew the best way to foster teamwork and insist perfection in flying. there has been not anything extra very important than getting the crowd off at the correct foot. moment, our pilots have been taught to fly mutual help, and practised it faithfully. there have been no "hot" pilots within the 354th, in basic terms "excellent" pilots. 3rd, males like Glenn Eagleston gave suggestion and warnings approximately strive against strategies and guarding one's tail. This ready our pilots for lurking risks, whatever the opposite teams won't have done.’ Brigadier basic James Howard, Commanding Officer of the 354th Fighter staff

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According to the 354th's operational records, no combat missions were flown on this date, so these machines must have been departing on a group-strength training flight. The two silver Mustangs are 42-106434 ATLANTA PEACH, flown by Lt William King, and 42-106445, assigned to Capt Warren 'Red' Emerson. These are the only 355th FS machines visible in this view, as the remaining nine Mustangs all belong to the 356th FS. The P-51B in the right foreground is Capt Frank O'Connor's THE VERNA Q (43-6322), while the fighter to its right is Lt W R Perkins' ANGEL FROM HELL.

I was attempting to head off the other three E/A when twelve Fw 190s made a head-on pass at the bomber, scoring many strikes. We attempted to ward off this attack too, but it was hopeless. Seven 'chutes were seen to leave the bomber. The gaggle broke to the right with the exception of one, which made a turn to the left. When we made our attack from astern, this E/A turned onto Lt Koenig's tail. I called a break right to him and he did so. His break took him beneath the clouds and we became separated.

Nearing Germany, the Mustangs were intercepted by a host of Luftwaffe fighters before some of them had even rendezvoused with the B-17s. Perhaps the most colourful combat of the day was flown by Capt Robert J Brooks of the 356th FS, who was fortunate to return home. His post-mission statement read; 'I was leading Starstud Squadron. We had just rendezvoused with the 2nd Combat Wing south of the target. After about five minutes of escort, a flight of 16+ unidentified aircraft appeared at 11 o'clock high to the bombers.

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