2-Local subgroups of finite groups by Kondratev A.S.

By Kondratev A.S.

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Driesch himself speaks of prospective significance (prospektive Bedeutung), as against prospective potency (prospektive Potenz) ; the latter is wider than the former, but shrinks in the course of development. Let me illustrate this basic point by another example taken from the determination of limb-buds of amphibia. According to experiments performed by R. G. Harrison, who transplanted discs of the outer wall of FIG. 17 Experiments on pluripotence in Echinus. a1 and bl. Normal gastrula and normal pluteus.

I remember a lecture Heinrich Wiilfflin once delivered in Zurich on " ~ i ~ and h t left in paintings"; together with an article on "The problem of inversion (Umkehrung) in Raphael's tapistry cartoons," you now find it printed in abbreviated form in his Gedanken cur Kunstgesckchte, 1941. By a number of examples, as Raphael's Sistrne Madonna and Rem brandt's etching Landscape with the three trees, Wijlfflin tries to show that right in painting has another Stimmungrwert than left. Practically all methods of reproduction interchange left and right, and it seems that former times were much less sensitive than we are toward such inversion.

As such they can have further symmetries, The pattern may be carried into itself by reflection in the central line I ; let us distinguish this as longitudinal reflection from the transversal reflection in a line perpendicular to 1. Or the pattern may be carried into itself by longitudinal reflection combined with the translation by %a (longitudinal slip reflection). A frequent motif in band ornaments are cords, strings, or plaits of some sort, the design of which suggests that one strand crosses the other in space (and thus makes part of it invisible).

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